Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Potty update & Christmas is coming!

Last weekend, we took Lilly to Chuck E Cheese since she had completed her "Potty Perfect Sticker Chart"! You can download these suckers (and many other sticker charts) straight from the Chuck E Cheese website. Brilliant! Anyhow, here she is... so proud!

She got to take her chart and turn it in (they give it back, thank goodness) for 10 free tokens. Oh the pride!
We played for a bit, then forced her to sit and eat a little pizza. She also got to drink from her new, fun cup!
Then it was back to playing! She dragged grandpa onto a bunch of rides with her.

She took a timeout to show Zac around.
And got SO excited to see Chuck E Cheese himself. She gave him five and hugs and posed for pictures.
And for some reason she really enjoyed Barney. Oh boy...
Zackary had a blast too! With car rides...
And slides...
and Barney trains!
That was just a taste of SO many pictures I took!
Then, we headed home for nap time. Neither kid wanted to nap, but Zac eventually fell asleep. Lilly read in her room for a bit, then came out with me. After a couple hours, she just put her head down and fell asleep on the couch. This was her first "couch nap!"

So I had to take a picture of Zac in his bed too!

It was a very fun and exhausting day for everyone!

Now, flash foward to today, December 1! Can you believe it is December?!? Lilly got to open the first door and enjoy her treat from Santa Clause this evening!

And, this is just a random pic of Zac I took today... I love his little smile and dimple!

December gets me thinking about Christmas! There are so many exciting things coming up... I can't wait!


GMAGPA said...

Good Work Lilly! Looks like everyone had lots of fun celebrating your success.
We're so happy its December because we will be seeing all of you very soon. Can't Wait!!!

Kendra Forgacs said...

WOW! A couple thoughts:
A) I'd like to meet the Marketing Genius who developed that program for ChuckECheese. Brilliant!
B) Lilly looks a lot like Jer in that couch picture. Just saying...
C) The profile picture of Zac is beautiful. Can you please email it to me? What a QT-Pie!

Suzanne said...

Happy December! Love those dimples and congrats Lilly!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I agree with Kendra about the Chuck-E-Cheese people... So smart.

And some advice on Barney from someone who has been there... Don't let on that there's a show. Really. As tempting as it might be, after the 3rd time (and we all know she would watch it WAY more than that) it makes a Mom a little crazy...

Natalie said...

I will have to look more into this chart provided by one Chuck E Cheese. Potty training is starting here after the holidays.

It's funny, I know it's December, but I forgot about our countdown tree. We'll have to take 2 stickers down today.

Liz said...

I hope you keep that potty chart for all time. Definite tool for embarrassment later on! Hah!

Sooo cute are my little friends. :)

Stephanie said...

I didn't know that about Chuck E. Cheese! I'm actually not a big fan of the place, BUT that it is a really good idea.