Sunday, November 29, 2009

Odds and ends!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Can you believe it is already Sunday?
I managed to not take very many pictures on Thanksgiving. I'd like to say it was because I had put the camera down to truly enjoy the day. In reality, I have no problem enjoying days through the lens. Rather, my hands were FULL that day with the kids. Oh well... here are a few at least!
What do most people do in the morning before what is arguably the largest meal of the year? Make a big breakfast right? It isn't common that we are all home together in the mornings. Usually either Jeremy is at work or I go running. Since we were both home, we decided to make blueberry pancakes. Lilly was kind enough to help.
Zac just likes to watch.

We went to Thanksgiving at my parents house. Here, Lilly is enjoying a shrimp. I will leave out the picture where she shows me how it looks half chewed in her mouth.

Zac sayin' hi!

Shyla May is sitting up now! Oh they grow up so fast! Notice my headless sister... weird right?

This might be the first of what will definitely be millions of pictures of Shyla and Zac playing together! Ok, actually I think Zac just stole Shyla's toy... there will probably be millions of THOSE pictures too!

On another note, Wednesday was my principal's last day with us. He has been moved to the District Office to head up a fantastic program. Our interm principal will be great, of course, but we had to send Kevin off in a big way. We all wore Dallas Cowboys gear (sorry Bay Area peeps!) in honor of his fav team. Here he is at our "surprise" goodbye for him after school.

And here I am with my partner, Donald. Donald rocks. I also took a pic of me and Kendra, which turned out awful, and one of Nicole which was even worse. Oh well... it was still fun wearing matching shirts (thanks Kendra for making them) and face paint.
Well time to enjoy what will hopefully be a relaxing Sunday. My first half marathon is in ONE week... eeek!!!!


Natalie said...

I love blueberry pancakes mixed on the floor. Delicious. I think Spencer has the same jammies as Zac.

Suzanne said...

Sweet pics! You're so right about Zac and Shyla...they are so close in age and going to be growing up together. Hurray!

I hope the holiday was at least somewhat relaxing. :)

iron-hold said...

nice picz.. check my blog, special latest stories.its inspiring..

lady of leisure said...

Perhaps Shyla could come and teach Tyler how to sit, he is so stubborn! :) Glad you had a good Thanksgiving weekend!

Stephanie said...

1/2 marathon! You rock. I can't wait to hear all about it. :)