Thursday, November 12, 2009

I should be folding laundry...

... but I'm not. How terrible is that? Laundry requires only sitting and TV watching, really. But I still can't bring myself to fold it right now! ha!

Instead, I have a random assortment of pictures from the past week or so. Last weekend (or was it the weekend before?), Nicole and I took the kids to the mall. Always a good time to be had there! Lilly likes the little cars now. You know, the ones that cost money. Right next to the free play area. Whatever. Here she is cruising with Bob the Builder.

And Zac got to take his first ride as well. Luckily he doesn't yet realize that it moves if you put money it in!

Last Saturday was Soren's birthday party! Happy Birthday Soren! Suzanne and Steve had a fun party for him at the park! Lilly had a great time playing and eating and helping him open his presents. Here they are exploring their gift bags, with Soren's grandma.

Zac kinda hates his play pen, unless Lilly is in with him! This day they were laughing and laughing and playing... ahh it was so funny and made my heart smile to see and hear them playing together and loving each other so much!

Here is Lilly showing off some of her "new" clothes. She got a ginormous bag of barely used clothes from Aubrey (and Aubrey's mom, Lori). She also got a few things and a ton of shoes from another friend at school, Rosalie (Rosalie's mom, Ms. Tammy, works at Childtime). Here she's wearing pants from one and a top from the other. She is thrilled with her new clothes, and I am so thankful that we have such very thoughtful friends.

And, it was bound to happen... Zac discovered the tupperware cabinet! Actually, I kind of pointed him in the right direction this evening as I was making dinner. It's so much easier for me to watch him when he is right there with me!
I especially love how you can kind of see how the buttons aren't buttoned on the back of his shirt. Poor kid has outgrown all of his summer clothes, but it's still warm! It isn't worth buying him new stuff, so he is squeezing into a few things just until it cools off! ha! Poor second child...
That's all for now... the laundry awaits. I hope everyone is having a good week!! TGIF - almost.


Becca - Our Crazy Boys said...

Aw! Looks like you have had a fun week!

Have you seen the blog "I should be folding laundry?" It's awesome, and every time I read it, it reminds me that I'm not the only one who blogs when they have other stuff to do.

By the way, you look awesome!

Natalie said...

Ahh yes, folding laundry. Have you ever left laundry in the dryer for so long that it gets so wrinkly that you just put it back in the washing machine and run it through a rinse and spin cycle and then put it back in the dryer again? This has never, ever happened in my house. I don't even know how I would know anyone else might do that.

Great pictures!

Suzanne said...

Random posts seem the way to go in a busy work week, don't they? I'm not even sure I've taken any since last weekend. Whew! I love the photo of the two of them in the pack n play-too cute!