Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun visits and crazy hair

Doesn't Zacky look big these days?!? Thanks grandma and grandpa Yager for this warm winter outfit - size 18 month which is roomy but certainly not too big to wear!
On Sunday, I took the kids to visit my grandparents. We hadn't seen much of them since they got back from Michigan, other than their party!
Lilly got to make cookies with grandma! Yummy!

So proud!

And this is the best picture of Zac and grandpa that I got! He just moves so fast, it's hard to slow him down for a photo shoot.... and Zac is pretty quick too :)

On another note, I caught this cute picture of Zac with his "bed head." See that one piece of hair sticking up? What a mess, huh?

Then I figured I should take a picture of Lilly when her hair is a mess. Pretty similar?

How do two children from the same parents have such different hair?!?
Have a great week!


Natalie said...

#1- I'm hungry and the picture of those cookies is making me tempted to go eat an entire container of cookie dough. I won't though. No, really, I won't.

#2- I get excited to put Spencer in summer clothes after winter and in winter clothes after summer. Zac looks adorable in his winter outfit.

#3- I think we should definitely start including more crazy hair, silly face, funny pose pictures on our blogs. They're fun.

Your Mom said...

Looks like a really fun visit...making cookies and trying to catch Pop!

Suzanne said...

Soren went through clothes so quickly in that first year I swore he'd be in 3T in that first year! Now he wore some of the same clothes 2 summers in a row because last summer's were so big!

Cute, cute photos of such awesome kids!

GMAGPA said...

Nothing like baking cookies together - What a great memory these pictures make for Lilly!