Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zackary. Yager. Is. WALKING!!!

Zac took his first steps yesterday!!! It officially happened when I picked him up from daycare. He had been standing, holding on to something, so I took his hands and we "walked" a couple of steps. He almost NEVER walks holding hands, so even this was exciting for me. Then, he was doing so well, that I crouched down, let go, and moved back. He got this look on his face, then he took three of the most steady, well balanced steps I have seen a baby take! I, of course, embarassed myself and him (ok, mostly Lilly) by letting out a "whooooo" and grabbing him and, frankly, trying to hold back tears as I smothered him in kisses.
So we got home and tried to recreate the moment. No dice. He was wobbly and didn't really want to. At daycare, he had forgotten about crawling and just wanted to get to me. At home, he did not forget. Apparently if he really wanted to walk, he'd be a pro by now! So, these are the best pics we could get. Still... good enough to document the day.
***As I read my post and looked at this pic, I realized that it is a pretty good shot of his forked tongue... see why we call him "snake"?

One last note, Lilly was moved to an older class on Monday. She has older friends and gets to go on the "big blue" slides... all kinds of great perks. She also had a big regression with potty training. Maybe because of stress or not being the big kid in class anymore. She just stopped trying. So, after a couple days we added a tangable reward - a Barbie Doll - if she had a dry day. This really made her try on Thursday, and she had only one accident. Then on Friday she was ALMOST 100% dry. She did have one small accident, but this time she had told the teacher and made it to the bathroom but just couldn't get her pants down in time. She was very upset apparently. I made an executive decision that it counted and she earned that Barbie Doll. She was jumping up and down! Ahhh the little things.... here she is at home kickin it with Barbie. I can pretty much guarantee that she is watching Dora.

Hoping that we are out of the woods on this regression.
Happy weekend! The kids let me sleep in a little this morning. I have a race today at the U of A that supports cancer research, then back to work for a bit.
I'll be keeping my camera poised for Zac's walking pics.


Your Mom said...

WOW...what a busy few days of "firsts"!!! Looking forward to practicing these achievements!

Gabi said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Kendra Forgacs said...

Yay Zac!

Natalie said...

That is so exciting Chels! I wouldn't worry about him not being a pro just yet. He's not even 1! By his first birthday he'll probably be running marathons with you.

Suzanne said...

Hurray Zac!!!! That is so exciting! He is about 2 months ahead of where Soren was, that pro!

Sweet that Lilly earned a Barbie. What a good Mommy to do that. I'm sure she's just been so excited to be in the new group. Soren will miss her!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Yay Lilly! Barbies for dry pants? Awesome.

You do know that in about 3 months, you'll be over this walking thing, right? Because it means that you won't be sitting down much at all!!