Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We paid for this?

See those beautiful ladies in the mud? That's me and Nicole! Why are we crawling through mud, you ask? Because we had paid good money to do it, so we had to get our money's worth!

Last weekend Nicole, Kendra, her friend Maren and I went up to Phoenix for The Mad Mud Run - a 4 mile obstacle race that ends through the mud pit! Here we are, all squeaky clean before the race.
And Kendra and I (with Nicole in the background) in the mud pit. Significantly less clean at this point!

Kendra and Maren.

Stevie actually met us on the course and took pictures of the obstacles, which I'll post another day since they are on Kendra's camera. Or, Nicole managed to get some of them on her blog, so click on the link "A Day in the Life of Nicole" on the right!

So, since the vast majority of you really just read my blog to see pictures of the kids, here are a couple.

All bundled up for a walk.

Lilly is kinda over "drawing" or "coloring" and now just wants to "write." Three days ago I had to hold my hand over hers. Now she is a pro. If you look carefully you can see lots of straight lines on her page, which is her attempt at writing her name. The name LILLY is truly lots of straight lines, she just dotts pretty much each of them. So, essentially, her name is now iiiii. Also, she is drawing a pretty darn good circle here.

In fact, here is a close up. Am I a total dork for taking and posting this picture? I am just so proud of her and so in awe of the big girl she is becoming. I know this isn't the next great American novel or anything (yet), but it means so much to me. And, since frankly I think we have spilled coffee on or allowed Zac to eat this paper by now, the fact that I took and posted this picture means I'll have it forever. So there.
And who can resist taking pictures on speghetti night?

Lots of fun coming up in the next days, so most likely lots of blogging too!


Liz said...

OMG!!! I want to mud run!!! That looks like a blast. And iiiii is just a little stud herself. Haha...

Love it!!

Becca - Our Crazy Boys said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I (seriously) wouldn't do that if the MUD RUN paid ME. Does that make me super boring? Because I'm not. I just have huge dirt issues. And being wet AND dirty at the same time? Gives me willies just thinking about it.

But I have mad respect for you, sistas...