Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks!

I'm sitting here, enjoying coffee and quiet, and thinking about so many things I am thankful for. I think it would be fun to list them alphabetically. So... here goes!

Things I am thankful for, A-Z.

A- ABC's. Specifically when Lilly sings them.

B- Books. Fiction, non-fiction, any genre. Anything that I can pick up and fall into for a few minutes.

C- Choice. I'm thankful that we live in a place and time where my children can make choices about their futures. Lilly can be a truck driver and Zackary can be a ballerina, if that's what they want.

D- Disposable Diapers. Enough said.

E- Everything chocolate.

F- Family and Friends. This sounds common, but as I've gotten a bit older I've truly come to realize how lucky I am for my family, far and near, and true friends, old and new.

G- God. Not everyone believes the same, and that's ok. But I am thankful that I do believe.

H- Handmedowns. I am thankful when the kids get hand-me-downs from other kids. Mostly, I'm thankful that we have friends to give, and receive, hand-me-downs.

I- Ice cream. Nightly ice cream. Any flavor but my favorite, by far, is Oreo Cookie. Oh and add strawberries (or, better, strawberry ice cream). It is a perfect end to the day!

J-Jeremy. Ok, we drive each other absolutely crazy a lot of the time, but when it comes down to it, he's a pretty cool cat. I love you Yager.

K- Kendra. My baby sister who always has been and will be the boss of me. She also could easily go under "B" for Best friend.

L- Lilly. I am so thankful for my sweet little girl, who is a princess one minute and superman the next.

M- Music. I don't listen to much other than in the car or classroom, but come time for a Yager Family Dance Party and I am thankful for the music that brings the smiles and laughter.

N- New medical technology and research. I'm thankful that my kids don't need it, and thankful that the medical world makes great strides every day in what they can treat and cure.

O- Opportunities. Every decision is an opportunity, though many times that's not clear until later.

P- Police. In this same category falls military and anyone who spends their lives protecting others. (Don't worry PARENTS, I've got you covered on my thankful list.... )

Q- Quality Childcare. We have great childcare, which makes me so thankful. Lilly and Zac are happy and well taken care of every day while Jeremy and I work, plus they learn so much. It's teaching them to love school and to love learning, and I love that.

R- Running. I'm pretty new to this running thing, but I'm finding my way and thankful that I found a fun and healthy way to have some "me time." I'm also usually pretty thankful each and every time that I survive a run.

S- Starbucks. I'm sorry, but I love it, especially during the holidays.

T- Teachers. Not just the classroom kind, but the kind of teachers who lead by example, in real life situations, daily, and not for pay. The kind of teachers my parents have always been. Thanks MOM and DAD!

U-Underware? Unpaid bills? I'm thankful that this is my blog, and so I can skip "U" because I'm spending too much time staring at it. Plus, I'm really ready for "V."

V- Vino. Yep, Wine in Italian because I already want to use "W" for something else. I love love love good Vino, especially with good company and good food.

W- Weight Watchers. Does this sound silly? WW taught me how to take control and feel good about myself.

X- That I'm given eXactly what I need. Not always everything I want, or think I need, but what is truly needed.

Y- Yagers. I'm thankful for those wonderful in-laws of mine who don't hate me for needing to move back to AZ.

Z- Zackary. Of course. I am so thankful that this little man came into my life. Thank you, Zac, for being my baby boy!

This is just a small slice of the wonderful things in my life. I have left out quite a bit I'm sure, probably because it didn't fit with the next letter of the alphabet. Coffee and sunrises and laughter and love.... the list could go on and on.
Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and delicious holiday!


Suzanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy the day with your family!

The Lynar Family said...

That was awesome Chels!!!!! I'm thankful for knowing an awesome girl like you who can make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy just through reading your words!!!! You know me it's pretty good to be able to keep me entertained through reading :) love you!!!

Your Mom said...

This truly brought me to tears. It is pretty much everything in a nutshell we can be so very thankful for...I am thankful for having two wonderful daughters who so often touch my heart with just words!

Natalie said...

What a wonderful list. We are having a childcare crisis at my house so I agree with that one wholeheartedly. What a great way to start my day- reading your blog and being thankful for your friendship.

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat some turkey!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love it!

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!

Gabi said...

You are a ROCK-STAR!! I love it all!!! Except I know God is pretty important part of our lives, but deep down G was for Gabi right??!! teehee!!! and our new-ish friendship :)))))

lady of leisure said...

Wow, what an awesome list! I am amazed that you had enough time to sit down, think of all that, and get it typed up and posted!

Mary said...

That is Beautiful Chelsea, just like you are. If it's on the outside, it's on the inside too!!!

Jennifer Yager said...

You are AWESOME Chels!!! I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful sister-in-law!!!

Stephanie said...

What a fun list! I, too, love handmedowns (both the giving + receiving). And I'm always up for a glass of vino with good friends. :)