Friday, November 20, 2009

The 20th!

Wow. Here we are again, only this is my LAST 20th update where Zac is less than 1 year old! How does that happen?!?
I was so excited about it being the 20th today that I couldn't even wait to wake the kids up before I started snapping pictures! Here is my Lilly - 2 years and 9 months!
And, 11 month old Zac started waking up just seconds before I caught this pic... he smiles even in his sleep practically... This is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of Lilly. Ever.
And Zackary's morning face.
Then it is time to get dressed and ready for school. Lilly is sporting one of many coordinated running suits she got from Aubrey as handmedowns.
Zac loves to sit on the couch like a big boy while we put his shoes on!
And we're ready for school!

Zac is pretty much in charge of his own breakfast these days. He is, after all, approaching one. What? Should we baby him forever?

Happy 6 months to Shyla May! How does THAT happen?!?
It was a great day, and I am heading to bed to get rested up for the MAD MUD RUN tomorrow morning. That's right. Mud. And it is MAD. And we are running through it. Stay tuned for THOSE pics!
Oh, and happy Friday!


Suzanne said...

Happy "20th day" all you Yagers and Forgacs'"!

Have a great run! Can't wait to hear!

lady of leisure said...

Wow, they're getting so big! And it's amazing there is room for Lilly in her crib with all those animals :) Have fun in the mud!

Your Mom said...

Happy 20th to all my wonderful sweet GKs!

Liz said...

Zac is such a stud lately!!! Haha

GMA said...

Very cute sleeping pictures! And those morning wake up ones too!!

Natalie said...

Um, was I not just at your parent's house like 45 minutes ago meeting a 6 day old Zac? For that matter, was I not just there 2 days ago meeting a 1 month old Lilly?

P.S. I think you should baby Zac for 1 more month. Then he's seriously on his own. Here's a broom. Earn you keep Zac.