Monday, December 7, 2009

Rock n Roll Half Marathon!

Well we survived! If you recall, on Friday Nicole and I headed out to Sin City wearing our super shiny jackets!
Saturday we spent the morning and afternoon getting ready for the half marathon!

Then we got to meet up with Andrea for catching up, gossip, and lots of carbs at Olive Garden.

Then, finally (and yet all too quickly) Sunday morning was here! Here we are when we finally got to the starting line.
And we were off! Gotta love green ponytails.
Not sure what mile this is...
Pretty sure this is mile 12. We were pretty excited to see that the end was near.
And our finisher medals!
This running stuff is fun! Vegas was COLD, so we're all a little more sore today that we would be otherwise. And, a few hours after the race my left foot started hurting, so I have it on ice now as I write this.
Still, I ran 13.1 miles yesterday.
RAN it.
No walking, just RUNNING.
This is something I'm proud of.
Very proud.
Nicole and I came in at 2:39:56. Our pace was the same on mile 1 as it was on mile 13. We're proud of this too.
Kendra finished about 4 minutes ahead of us. She rocks.
Next goal - Ragnar in February then hopefully another half marathon soon, maybe breaking 2 hours 30 min!
Happy Monday!


Eileen Short said...

Wow! I'm so proud of you too!!!! Nicely jaw is still dropped. :)

Mary and Dave said...

We're proud of you Chelsea and Kendra!

Natalie said...

I'm proud of you too. I couldn't run across the street to get the mail, so 13 miles is very impressive.

Love the shiny jackets!

Suzanne said...

Congrats and great work!!!!

lady of leisure said...

Awesome job Chels! I too love the shiny jackets.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Yay! So proud of you guys! I can't imagine ever running that far. Ever!!

Your Mom said...

WOW I am one proud guys ROCKED it (that goes for you too Nicole!)!!! still wishing I could...oh well!

Nicole Buchheit said...

A LITTLE sore?!?!?!??! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness. What a huge accomplishment! Congrats!

How was the Rock n Roll race anyway? There is one in my state (Arizona) and *maybe* someday I'll consider training for a 1/2...

We'll see. ;)

Stephanie said...

Oh, I forgot that I'd already been here and left a comment of congratulations. *Oops!*

Well, I'll say it again: Congrats! :)