Sunday, December 13, 2009


The kids saw Santa yesterday! Lilly loved it and was so confortable! Zac was fine during "story time" with Santa, but didn't particularly like being on his lap. I LOVE this picture because it shows the differences in their personalities!

We saw this same Santa last year, and I just love this experience. We go to "Santa's Cottage" where a small group of kids (this year - 4 children including our 2, plus parents) sit around and Santa reads a book and tells a story. Then, the kids do crafts while families get "individual time" with Santa (including the prerequsite photo shoot). This year it was at the Children's Museum, and included a "4 free entries" pass to the Museum, which we saved to use another day.

If you haven't seen Santa yet and are interested, I'd love to pass this info on to you. If your kids are the right age to really appreciate it (Lilly is, Zac not yet), I think it is worth it! (PS Neither Santa nor his Elves asked me to "review" the experience... I just really like it).

Speaking of Christmas, I really really want to send Christmas cards to anyone who reads our family blog! Unless you KNOW I have your address (like, you got a card from us last year), please email it to me at
It would mean a lot to me.
Keep in mind, it might be Easter before you get it (right around the same time as our Christmas decorating gets completed), but that's ok right?


GMA said...

You're so right, sibblings can be very different. Such a CUTE picture, we love it!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Yager

Anonymous said...

awww! Kinda like you and Kendra!! I sure am a fan of the Santa Cottage Mom

Natalie said...

One year Michael and I did Valentine Cards. And we didn't even have kids that year. Although I was in grad school and that's kind of like having a kid. I highly recommend it. Just get a picture of the kid with a cherub.

lady of leisure said...

Glad the kids had (mostly) fun at Santa's Cottage - sounds better than waiting in a long line at the mall to me. I will look into it up here when Tyler is older. PS - You should have our address from the card that hopefully you received from us in the last couple days.

Suzanne said...

That is quite a handsome Santa, oh, and your kids are super cute too! Really, that is a great picture, and sounds like a lot of fun. We'll have to do it one year!