Friday, May 22, 2009

Another post?!?

For anyone who doesn't check my blog daily, please know that there are lots of posts lately, so you may want to keep looking. Also, why don't you check my blog daily?!?
I ran a few favorites by Kendra and got permission to post them. I love love love this one of their happy, perfect family.

I also love love love this one! This is still in the OR, when Kendra and Shyla first "met." I'm going to quote Erin Burke, who said that one day Shyla will have this beautiful photo as a "momento of those first moments in this world with the person that created her... that is awesome."
I raced to the hospital after work again today (last day of school!!) to see the Forgacs clan for a little bit before picking up my babies. I actually got to see Shyla's eyes! She was back asleep by the time this picture was taken, but how cute is her little hat with the bow?!?

All in all, they are adjusting and seem to be doing really, really well! I can't wait for Jeremy to meet his niece, hopefully tomorrow!
After the hospital, I picked up my babies and we had a very fun evening. I couldn't help but snap some pictures!
Here is Lilly reading Cinderella, and saying "no no" to the "not nice lady" who the rest of us know as the evil stepmother. Lilly cracks me up!

Me and my girl hammin' it up for the camera!
And me kissin' on my little man!
Lilly is pretty popular these days.
And Zac is learning and growing so much so fast. His interest in toys has totally picked up. This picture was funny because he was playing, then saw me and definitely "posed" for the camera. Does that mean I take too many pictures??
Other cute mini-stories from the week:
*Lilly still gives her binkie to Shyla every morning... but asks for it back every night lately. We were making headway there for a while, but not lately.
*Last night, Lilly climbed into my lap and asked for "baby rock," which means "rock-a-bye baby." So, I rocked her like a baby and sang the song to her, twice. Then, she jumped up, said "all done," pointed and Zac and said, "Zac turn! Baby rock!" So.... I got to rock him too!
*Lilly has also been "caught" giving Zac his toys so many times lately. She is doing such a great job of sharing and being kind & gentle to her brother.
*Lilly's new favorite game of the moment involved pretending to "steal" my nose, then pretending to eat it. She laughs and laughs, and then takes it (the pretend nose) out of her mouth and puts it back. She does it to Zac too. This is really funny! Gross, for sure, but definitely funny!
All in all, I must say it has been one heck of a week! I am an auntie to an absolutely gorgeous baby girl. I got to be there in the hospital waiting while my baby sister gave birth to said gorgeous baby girl. Now, I'm getting to watch my baby sister embrace motherhood incredibly naturally. I've had a couple of incredible evenings with my kids, with very little fussiness or drama. I also finished up the school year and finished getting my classroom packed for the big move to our new Middle School. All I know is... wow, I am a lucky, lucky woman!


Natalie said...

I check your blog everyday....and sometimes more than once a day. I am LOVING all the updates. Your sister's family is beautiful (as is your own family). Such sweet hospital pictures. I have to stop looking at all these newborn baby pictures. It gets me thinking....

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful post Chelsea! Oh, and I love all the photos! You are such a sweet, sweet mom too, that what is reflected in your babies' eyes is their love for you (sounds poetic, eh?).

Did Shyla and her family come home today?

Christian and Tawny said...

Hi Friend!! I love you blog. Lilly sounds soooo cute!! I can't believe your out for the summer already! We don't get out until June 16th. Darn those snow days!! Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

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