Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a great day!

Today was Lilly's first day of swim lessons, plus we had a playdate planned at Chuck E Cheese. I decided just to make it a whole day of "mommy and Lilly" fun! I took Zac to daycare (he and I will have our own days too, of course!) and got home before Lilly woke up (Jer was home, don't call CPS - or a CPA as Stevie would say).
After Lilly woke up, I made us breakfast of eggs and peanut butter toast. Here she is already being goofy!

After some playtime at home, it was time to get ready for swim lessons. Here is Lilly sporting her new swim suit.
Then we decided to take some pictures of us both, just for fun!
I love my girl!!
We got to swim school a little early, and after signing in and filling out the paperwork, we headed outside to wait for our lesson. We sat on the step and talked about how excited we were!
I don't have any pictures of the actual lesson, since it's a "mommy & me" style class, but it was awesome! There are a total of three kids with their moms in the class, plus our instructor. We sang some songs and splashed around to get comfortable, and worked on kicking and blowing bubbles, plus started learning to float on our backs. They even got to go down a little slide towards the end of the lesson. Lilly did great, and I can not wait until Friday for our next lesson. Plus, Jeremy will most likely go with us on Friday, so he can take some pictures!
After swim lessons, we headed over to Chuck E Cheese! Lilly was so excited to see her friend Soren, plus we got to meet a new friend, Conner and his mom Whitney. Lainey was also there with her 6 week old boy, Jake, and Becca was there with her boys - they are older, though I'm not sure of their exact ages.
The kids all had a blast, and us moms did too! Chuck E Cheese is cool because there is stuff for kids of many ages, so moms who have different aged kids get to hang out knowing that all the kids are entertained!
Lilly and Soren rode the helicopter!
Lilly loves this clock ride!
She also loves the Barney ride!
Lilly & Conner rode the firetruck about 100 times!
My social little girl had such a good time, and was SO good! We spent the ride home talking about our great day! We got home about an hour late for nap, which was fine. She told daddy all about her swim school and Chuck E Cheese, then went right down for a nap. Mommy went down for a nap then too!
After nap, Jeremy picked up Zac from school, and started making us dinner. I took the kids for a walk, and Lilly held Zac's hand. So cute!
Jeremy made a delicious dinner of bacon cheeseburgers with salad, and grilled peaches with ice cream for dessert. Yum!!
Here are a couple pics of Zac. This one is funny because he always now immediately rolls off the carpet and blanket. I turn around, and he's on the tile.
And this is just a fun smily one.
And, a few pics of when Lilly and Zac met Shyla the other day!
Today was such a great day! I am counting my blessings for sure...


Suzanne said...

You are such a busy girl, and with two kids too! I only got my photos onto the computer so far!!! What a fun day it was at CEC alright. It is a must to do again. I just LOVE looking at all your photos, and especially love the Shyla/Lilly ones.

Natalie said...

That was a busy day. I just registered Spencer for swim lessons today- we start on Wednesday. Same deal- a mommy and me class. I want to go to Chuck E Cheese with you guys the next time we are in town!