Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome home Shyla!!

Shyla, Kendra and Stevie went home from the hospital yesterday! Those of us with kids know that now is when it gets tough for a while! But, they are strong as individuals and as a family, and they will get through the tough times! Here is Kendra and Shyla leaving the hospital.
Shyla's eyes!!
Here she is in her "going home" outfit, and her hat made by her great grandma Palmer!
And is there anything cutier (or scarier) than a brand new baby in a carseat? She looks so tiny! I guess that's because she is tiny!
They are beginning such an adventure!
Just a few shots of my kiddos... here is one of Zackary. Boy a lot can change in 5 months, huh? He was pretty close to Shyla's size when born (one oz bigger and one inch longer), and look at him now!And Zac playing with toys.
And don't even get me started on how much can change in a couple of years! Lilly actually watched a movie for the first time today! Well, she watched in about 15 minute increments, then would play for a while. She watches cartoons and other TV shows these days, but I've only once before actually put on a whole movie for her, and she wasn't terribly interested. Today we watched "Toy Story," and she was much more interested. Not something I would do every day, but it was kind of neat to see her get into it, plus it gave me some time to pick up and get a few things done around the house (in 15 minute increments, of course).
My mom took us shopping today to get stuff we need for swim lessons that start this week. We got Lilly a new swim suit and swim diapers, plus got me a swim suit (I still don't have the guts to actually try it on though! ugh!). In addition to a few other necessities, she bought Lilly a new nightgown. Here she is showing it off:
Princess, of course!!

That's all for now! Send some thoughts and prayers to Kendra, Stevie and Shyla, that they get as much sleep as possible during these very trying weeks!


Suzanne said...

Where's the photo of you in your new bathing suit? J/K! I hope those lessons start off really well. I'll be anxious to hear how they go!
Kendra looks beautiful and happy!

Natalie said...

Shyla looks so different with her eyes open. She looks older. Then she's back to looking like a brand new newborn (because she is!) in the carseat picture. I'll be thinking about your sister these next few weeks and months.

We're planning on taking swim lessons this summer too!

lady of leisure said...

She looks beautiful! Give Kendra my love and wishes for a speedy recovery!