Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dance parties & ABC's!

Another video! I know that some people (my mom) have problems sometimes seeing these videos. It's not my intention to post them every time. BUT... as I was feeding Zac tonight Lilly started singing the ABC's by herself. This is huge!! We sing them together regularly (with more accuracy than when she sings alone, I might add), and we SAY them all the time. She can look at them written and identify them, as long as they are "in order." But I have never heard her sing them by herself before. In fact, I've never heard her sing anything except, recently, the Jack In The Box "Mini sirloin burger commerical." Are you singing it now? I bet you are...

Anyhow, so this video has terrible light and the last half is just the back of her head, but listen carefully and you can hear what brought tears to my eyes... she is singing the ABC's.

She can also count to 10 now pretty much without fail, all by herself. This also makes her daddy and I tear up :)

This next pic was from yesterday. The day before, Lilly and I had made a necklace out of Cheerios as a project. Yesterday she decided to eat the Cheerios. Super cute! And, now that I think about it... pretty gross. Who knows where that necklace had been. I'm obviously a terrible mother.

Zac in his usual, smiling pose! I swear he's not in this swing as often as it looks like he is. He's just so darned happy in it that I can't help but take pictures. This post is really more focused on Lilly, but I couldn't leave him out.

We had another "dance party" last night. Jer put on the First Dance song from our wedding, Leather & Lace by Stevie Nicks. He danced with Lilly and I danced with Zac. This time, I did snap a couple pics.

Then we were ready for some serious fast dancing!

When I attemped to open my "May 2009" picture folder, I accidently opened "May 2008." I took a brief stroll down memory lane, and came across this pic. This is a few days after we found out that Zac was on the way. We let Lilly tell our families with this t-shirt (Thanks Kim for making it!!). We took her to Jer's parents house wearing it, and sent this picture to my family too. Plus, it's fun to see how much Lilly has grown and changed in a year.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!


Natalie said...

I can vividly remember when you emailed me those pictures of Lilly in her big sister shirt. I remember thinking she was looking so big and mature. Now she looks like a little baby!

I feel like we should implement a dance party night at our house. The only thing we've implemented recently is a time-out policy.

Suzanne said...

Soren was thrilled to see the video! I did tell him up front it was Lilly, but after watching it 3 times, I was showing Steve how excited he was, and asked, "Who's that?" "Lilly!" he replied (Soren that is).

Too cute and love the look back too!

Ma Yager said...

Great Video! Lilly knows her stuff!!