Friday, May 29, 2009

Swim lessons and more!

We had swim lessons again today! This time, Jeremy was able to come with us and take some pictures. We need to work on getting Lilly to float on her back more, as the "safety position." She is no fishy yet, but she really enjoys it, and I love doing it with her.
This morning she woke up earlier than Zac, so she went with me to drop him off at daycare. Then we went to the store because she wanted bananas. I made her blueberry pancakes for breakfast, all trying to stall since swim lessons weren't until 9:30.
Finally it was time to go! And boy did we have a good time!

Here is a fun pic of me and my little man.

Lilly and Zac were totally playing and interacting this evening! This picture isn't great, but it reminds me of a time a couple of days ago, when Lilly was grumpy and just sitting watching cartoons, kind of quietly pouting. Zac had dropped his links (he was in his bumbo chair at the time), and was quietly looking at them longingly. PS how lucky am I that neither child was happy, yet I am able to use the adverb "quietly" for both of them?? Anyhow, grumpy Lilly looked at him and sighed, then stood up, got his links, shook them in front of him like she's seen me do until he grabbed them, then sat back down with his cartoons. I was so happy and proud of her for going out of her way to help him during a time when she was grumpy. She is two years old after all! I was so proud that I hugged her and thanked her, then took them both to the park (which, coincidently, helped with the grumpiness as well. But she earned it).

Tonight, Lilly was tickling Zac and he was looking at her and smiling and laughing! He was also reaching out, and I told Lilly that he was tickling her, and she was laughing. I looked at Jeremy and said "our kids are playing with each other." I am so hopeful that they are close as they grow up, and it seems like they already enjoy each other. He is constantly looking at her and smiling, and she loves to talk to him and play with him as much as he can. The sibling relationship can be so special and wonderful. It is no secret that Kendra and I are close, and it is so extraordinary to watch a sibling relationship develop from the very beginning.

Jeremy finally got to meet his niece today, when Kendra and Stevie dropped by between doctor appointments. Shyla is doing great and gaining good weight!

I love this picture of my sister with Shyla. Seriously... what is her leg doing?
And a close up view of the little angel.

Lilly is also practicing putting her own shoes on. Today she got both shoes on easily, and just needed help with the clasp! This morning, she even put one of her own socks on, and it just needed a little adjustment. Usually, she'll ask me to do it out of ease, but just recently she's showed interest in doing it herself. This evening she was also putting her shorts on and off in the bathroom, practicing what she needs to do to go potty. What a big girl!
I also very much enjoyed hanging out and cleaning the house with my husband today. Weird, huh? Jeremy had the day off and so we split up the chores, and he made us yummy toasted ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. He also made us all a delicious dinner of steak kabobs. Yum!
My friend Karen had a baby boy yesterday! I haven't heard much, but both mommy and baby are doing well... congratulations to the Chung family!! They are in for quite an adventure!


Your Mom said...

What a fun summer vacation you are having so far!!! I really love hearing about all that goes on with my wonderful family during the day!

Suzanne said...

You always have the greatest photos! Yeah, what is up with Shyla the gymnast?

How is Lilly feeling?

Kendra Forgacs said...

Lilly giving Zac back his links reminds me of you getting up to swing me during sesame street (a story I obviously don't remember but have been told numerous times).

Natalie said...

Seriously- what is up with Shyla's leg? I'd be in a lower body cast for 6 months if I tried that maneuver. Lilly and Zac are the same difference in age as me and Nick and we were very close growing up. We want to kill each other sometimes now, but we're still very close.