Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What? No Pictures?!?

No pictures today, largely because I left our camera at my parents' house and haven't gotten it back yet. But, we had a great weekend, and are coming up to some great news!!

The news... Kendra is being induced this morning! She went to the hospital last night to be induced today! Please send her, Stevie and baby Shyla some prayers and happy thoughts, as it is going to be a long day and the beginning of a long, wonderful, and exhausting road for them all!

I will be posting plenty of pictures of the new addition soon!

As for our weekend, Lilly got to go on a date with her daddy on Saturday, to the zoo and McDonalds. They both had a blast and I'm hoping there are pictures on the camera. We also did some swimming at my parents' house. Sunday I took the kids to the park with Suzanne and Soren, then in the afternoon we all went to Pat and Steve's house for dinner. Yum! Looks like Stevie's sister, Kirsten, and her hubby, Jim, are able to stay in town for the baby's birth, which is so wonderful!
PS if you just can't stand not to see a picture, please click on my friend Natalie's blog, to the right, labeled A Beagle And A Baby. There are some terribly embarrassing pictures of me with her and our friends in high school on a recent post labeled "Flashback Friday." Natalie, hope you don't mind me sending people to your blog!  Enjoy!!!


Natalie said...

Are you kidding?! I love it! I know we've talked about how I sometimes feel like you're the only person that reads my blog. I'll take all the referrals I can get. And the pictures of you are lovely, not embarassing.

Ma Yager said...

Go Kendra and Stevie! Get that baby outta there! NOW!