Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fun times!! (Alternate title: Stevie don't eat the baby!!)

Most of these pictures were taken today, but this one was a few days ago. This is Lilly's "funny face." We didn't teach her, but she loves doing it then cracking up!

This was today... Suzanne and I took the kids to the park again. Lilly and Soren shared the double stroller, and seemed to enjoy it. We walk, then we play on the slides and swings. I took fewer pictures today than last weekend, but it was just as much fun!
Then we headed to my parent's house for some swimming! Lilly starts swim lessons ("mommy and me" style) this month. She was excited about swimming today, but a little apprehensive in the water. We had a lot of fun though!

After swimming, I left Lilly with my mom, and Zac and I went to Kendra's house. We had a get together / lunch with friends, and had SO much fun! This is Zac with Charlotte, who is just over a month younger than Zac.
My beautiful sister!

Kristin and Lainie with Jake.

Eileen, Suzanne & Amy.

Lainie & Jake.

And my little man. Zac was the "big boy" of the three babies at the party. Kind cute, since he's usually the smallest :)

This pic shows that he has found his toes! He isn't as obsessed as Lilly was when she found hers, but he does hold on to them a couple of times a day, just checking them all out!

After lunch, we headed back to my parents. Eventually, Stevie and Kendra and Jeremy came over too.
Just a fun pic of Lilly.
This is the pic where I think it looks like Stevie wants to eat their baby. I feel confident that Kendra won't let that happen.
Jer playing with his little guy...

And, Lilly saying hi to Shyla.

It was a very fun day! I'm sure I'll be posting more tomorrow after Mother's Day.

We wish all our family & friends a very very happy Mother's Day!!


Kendra Forgacs said...

Thank you for not mentioning that my large body is blocking Stevie completely in that last photo. BTW, for the record, I did ask to not have any more pregnant pics posted.

The Yager Family said...

OK OK I'm sorry... I thought you meant no bad pics, and I think you look beautiful in these. No more... I promise.

Natalie said...

Babies babies everywhere....and hopefully none of them are eaten by Stevie.