Friday, July 3, 2009

Preparing for the 4th, etc.

Look at how cute Lilly's new hat is!!
She made this today with her daddy. Zac and I had our Weight Watcher's meeting today, which means Lilly-daddy bonding time. They went to the mall to play and attend storytime at Borders, which apparently is also craft time! Lilly and Jeremy both told me about all the fun they had, and I know it is so good for her to have her daddy all to herself sometimes. It's cute that she sees my Weight Watcher book and knows that Zac and I go, and her and daddy get to do something fun!

This evening, Lilly and grandpa hung flags in preparation for tomorrow!
My mom decided to pose for a picture with Shyla. I kinda hope this picture embarasses her a little bit. Why? Click on the "A Beagle and a Baby" blog and read the latest "Flashback Friday" along with the comments. That's why!
Sorry mom... I still love you!

Mr. Big Man Zackary is now sitting without any support!

He is also crawling like crazy. We had to pull out the playpen yesterday so that we can contain him if we're not able to watch him like a hawk. We don't have dangerous furniture or anything, but Lilly has a lot of toys with small parts that can and do end up on the floor, and we're not willing to take any chances. Lilly, of course, had to try out the play pen too. I think the idea of it was more fun than she ended up having though.
From time to time people ask if we're planning on having any more children. The answer is, of course, heck no. Realistically, this is because I am already the mother of 3. And, I'm not even counting Jeremy. (ha ha ha). Lilly has a baby doll named Allie, and Allie is pretty much like my 3rd child. Honestly, sometimes I think she's more work than Lilly or Zac. I hear Lilly say "help please" regarding something for Allie probably at least 100 times per day. At least she's saying "please" though, right? Here, she is putting Allie down for a nap after I had to lay out the pink blanket JUST RIGHT. For the record, I did it wrong a bunch of times first. And Lilly told me I was wrong. Loudly.
Notice that Lilly is putting Allie into her bench seat for nap. Please know that I never made Lilly sleep in a bench. Or even a drawer for that matter. :) But, this is a huge step up from when she would insist on Allie sleeping in Lilly's crib, which meant mommy had to get her in and out.

Lilly also feeds Allie. This pic is cute because she was feeding her, then crossed her legs like I do, apparently when I feed Zac.

I also think it's cute that this spoon feeding of Allie has just recently started. Like, when Zac started eating from a spoon. She had been known to pull up her shirt and breastfeed Allie in the past. Then, she burps her. She also gives big hugs and kisses before and after Allie's naps. What a good mommy!

We also have to frequently change Allie's diapers, take her for walks, and even sing her to sleep. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Finally, here is a recent picture of my beautiful niece Shyla. Isn't she an angel??
Wishing everyone a wonderful 4th of July!!


Suzanne said...

Happy 4th to all of you! I'm hoping you are feeling better by now. What a rough time (and of course Lilly too, sound like she is!).

Cute photos!

Hope you all have fun today and have a relaxing weekend. See you Sunday!

Your Mom said...

For the record I am not one bit embarrassed..we will wait until Lilly wants to head across the country pell mell when she is 17! We shall MOM

Natalie said...

Hey Chels! I'm attempting to catch up on my comments after being absent for so long. Looks like a great 4th- too bad your mom wasn't embarassed. That would really get her for something that happened 12 years ago. :)

Don't ever let Lilly see this post because she will use it to her advantage to do something you don't want her to do.