Friday, July 24, 2009

Whew! Finally!

Well it's about time I had a chance to post again!!! This was my first week with kids at work, and it has been GREAT! It has also, obviously, been very... VERY... busy. My schedule this year is different than it's been in the past, so it just takes me a little longer to do, well, anything. That, plus the normal "beginning of school year" excitement has made it difficult to get much blogging in!
But enough about me... let's get to the kids! They have been great this week (as always)! Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures until this evening. I think I made up for it tonight though. After we got home, the kids played by themselves for a bit. Here is Lilly with her two bear-bears.
Meanwhile, Zac chewed on toys and drooled on himself. The poor kid must be teething again. Plus he has had a cold of some sort this week - lots of coughing and not sleeping as well as he usually does. Poor little guy! Today was better, so hopefully he's coming out of it.
Then, it was time for dinner. This might just be one of my favorite pictures of them together! I'm so glad I quietly grabbed the camera and got this shot!
And, this is after they realized I was taking their pictures!
After dinner... more playtime! Zac loves to play under his exersaucer. Random?
And one more sibling shot. So cute!
Zac went to bed a little early, which was nice because this morning I promised Lilly she could stay up "late" and we would read her Tinker Bell book. After Zac went to bed, Lilly and I did some spinning and laughing and playing, then got ready for bed, read Tinker Bell as promised, and she is off to dream land.
Now that the kids are in bed.... I think I have some work to do! ha! Happy weekend everyone!


Suzanne said...

Adorable photos! You have a great, and relaxing weekend too. Try not to work too much!

Natalie said...

On Spencer's new words this week is "bear". Of course bears are bears and tigers are bears. I think a horse was a bear once too. Anyway, he could come over and play with Lilly and her bears.

Glad you had a good first week. One down, and, what, something like 34 left to go.

adam said...

hi for jer

laser pointer ... "howie glatter"

don't know if he is still making them .. you can email him from the reference on this site
if you find that he still does this... let john and george know.