Thursday, July 9, 2009

Young love!

One minute he's barely eating mashed veggies, and the next he's falling in love. Literally!

We went to our good friends Josh and Laura's house for dinner the other night. They have a beautiful baby girl, Sara, who is just over 2 months old. Zac LOVED her. He kept crawling on top of her and "kissing" her by putting his mouth on or near her. It was hysterical!

He was very happy to be around her!
Eventually, in order to give Sara a little peace, Laura put her in her bouncy chair. Zac didn't take the hint.

The funny thing is that Zac is around Shyla all the time, and he doesn't react this way. He obviously knows the difference between his cousin and a possible girlfriend!

Here is Laura with Sara! We are so happy for them!

Meanwhile, Lilly got to go swimming with Josh!
Thanks again to Josh, Laura and Sara for a yummy dinner and a very fun evening!

Moving on... there was a good storm last night! Lilly is getting into the monsoons just as much as her daddy is. Here they are checking it out!

And here is a pretty rainbow pic that Jer took tonight.
I have no idea why I took these next pictures, except that I have addiction issues with my camera. I moved into my new classroom this weekend. I am so excited about being at a brand new school with great technology. It's fun to have a brand new shiny classroom, and it's even better that I'm moving to the school with some close friends, including Suzanne & Kendra. We have to officially report back to work on Monday, but I've spent a lot of time there this week getting organized. These first two pictures were taken when I walked in on Monday.
And, a couple of "after" shots.
I'm not completely done, but at least it's a start.


Natalie said...

You have such an awesome classroom. Since I don't know yet what school I'm going to be at or what kind of office I will have- I'm jealous that you already have cool stuff on the walls.

Such cute pics of Zac and Sara. I was thinking recently that it would be a hoot if we found an old picture of you, me, Laura and Karen from high school and recreated it with all of us holding our babies. And then we all did a post about it on our blogs. Yes, I am easily amused and apparently have too much time on my hands.

Kendra Forgacs said...

Sara is beautiful! Zac has good taste! Did he get hurt when he "literally" fell in love?

Your room looks great! I'm jealous; unless you only look at 2 of my walls!

The Yager Family said...

Ahhh the ambiguous English language... the "Literally" refered to the fact that there were mere minutes between eating mashed veggies and falling in love. He didn't literally fall. Hee hee hee!

Suzanne said...

That classroom is looking so great Chelsea!!!!

lady of leisure said...

Well, I guess Tyler will have quite the competition on his hands :) So far I would declare Zac the winner as Tyler slept and Sara was mostly sleeping during their first meeting last weekend!

Laura said...

Hilarious!!! I love those pictures - you don't even need words to show the love in his eyes!

Your classroom looks awesome! What a great place to have to work. :)

Liz said...

Zac is a stud! Must take after his daddy... Haha! Totally wish I could've seen that.