Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dance party!

In our house, it sometimes becomes necessary to crank up the volume on the sterio (ok, the computer) and have a dance party! Last night was one of those times.
This is one of my favorite pics, because this is exactly how Lilly dances! She looks like she's just crouched down, but she bends her knees and swings her little arms back and forth... princeless!

Oh, and we can NOT forget about the necessary spins....

Even Zac and I got into it! He is one of my favorite dance partners!

Eventually, we have to take a break!

All that dancing really wears a kid out...

I challenge each of you (all, what, two of you! hee hee, just kidding... I think I have 3 or 4 regular readers) to have a dance party of your own! Enjoy!
Also, happy birthday to my (late) grandmother Helen Sonntag today. I love you, miss you, and know you're with me every day, casting "voo doo" on anyone who stands in my way :)


Suzanne said...

Have you ever casted voo-doo my way? Should I watch out?

Lilly better watch out. Soren's a pretty awesome dancer too. Maybe we should have a dance P/T?

Your Mom said...

AH yse!! the infamous voo-doo...she is for sure still looking out for all of us and I know she really enjoyed the dance party on her birthday!!!

Jennifer Yager said...

I love you guys! Your family is just so adorable! I'm going to miss you at Pinecrest, but it will be great visiting with Jer!

Natalie said...

We totally need to start these dance parties at my house. They look too fun!