Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm a terrible daughter!

That's right... today is my mommy's birthday! We went to a very yummy dinner tonight. Here is a pic:

OH WAIT!! I forgot to bring my camera. I'm the worst!
That said... I love you mommy! Thanks for being the best, and showing me how to be a good mommy to my babies. A very, very happy birthday to you!

Also... I am behind on my posts. So, not only am I a terrible daughter, but I'm also a terrible blogger. Sorry!
Coming up soon - random pics of my mom to celebrate her birthday, random pics of the kids to celebrate their coolness, and random pics of Jeremy to celebrate his return from CA. He went to California for about 10 days to go to Pinecrest and hang with family and friends. I didn't post about him being gone because of the unlikely though certainly possible "creep-o factor." In other words, I didn't want the world to know that the man of the house was gone. Then again, at the rate Zac is growing he will be a pretty good protector very soon. But I digress. Anyhow, Jeremy is back and we are happy! He took lots of pictures in California, so we'll have to get them sorted and get some posted as well!
Until then... sorry! I don't even have the energy to find a cute clip-art. So... I'd like you to visualize some really cool pictures... enjoy!!


Natalie said...

You're not a bad daughter. Just a very busy mama of two. With that said- I used to leave the house without the camera all the time. I never had it. Now, the camera and diapers (and wipes) are what I check for first. I'm notorious for forgetting a bib (for Spencer, not me!) when we go out to eat.

Becca said...

I giggled out loud at your picture. It was beautiful :-)

Kendra Forgacs said...

yous funny:)