Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zackary & Shyla get baptised!

Zackary and Shyla got baptised yesterday! A huge thanks to my sister for doing all the legwork and my parents for hosting a post-baptism get together!
It was really nice having a combined baptism for the two cousins. Let's face it, they're growing up together and they might as well get used to it!
Here is Zackary in the morning after getting dressed. How cute is a tiny white tuxedo?

Lilly got to get dressed up too. In the morning, we looked at pictures of Lilly's baptism and talked about it. She was a really good girl!

Look at that hat! I thought he looked like a very formal train conductor!

Zac was a little unsure about Father Ricky at first, but then warmed up a little bit. Father Ricky was great - very friendly and positive and seemed to love Zac and Shyla very much.

Me and my little man.

Apparently there are no pics of the actual "dunking" on my camera - I'm hoping that someone got some good dunking pics.
Poor Shyla cried through most of the ceremony. Zac was a monkey, fidgeting around, but didn't seem to hate the water part too much.
This is after the baptism, playing with daddy.

Then, as I mentioned, we had a get together at my parents house. Here is the yummy cake!

Ahhh and baby Shyla!
Lilly was a good girl all day! She also ate a lot all day!
She didn't take a nap, but at one point we went into the room and I put her in the portacrib with a couple of books. She sat and had quiet time at read her books for probably 30 to 40 minutes. Even without napping, I think this quiet rest time really helped her maintain for the majority of the rest of the day.

Here is Shyla with her godparents, Dan and Erin. We love Dan and Erin! And isn't Shyla a beauty in her dress. This is one of two baptism dresses for her for the day!

All the kiddos with Uncle Pete and Aunt Nanette!
Love this pic of Zac and Rob

What a great day and a great ceremony! Zac and Shyla are on the right path...
After the party, Jeremy and the kids and I headed over to my friend Natalie's parents' house for her and her son's combined birthday party. Natalie is 30 and Spencer is 2!
Natalie, who is known for her insanity regarding birthday cakes for Spencer, made this train cake with all those pieces and details!

Here is Laura, Natalie, me and Zac.

Here I am giving Zac a sweet potato fry! yum!

And Jer with both kiddos.

What a big day! Lilly whined a bit on the way home and as we were getting her ready for bed, but all things considered she did just great! Zackary, of course, had no problems at all since he still naps when he needs to in his carseat.

We are lucky to have great family and friends!


Kendra Forgacs said...

it was a good day. i was impressed by lilly's behavior and everything went well, except for the cake!

Your Mom said...

What a great day with wonderful friends and family. I laughed out loud here alone in the office for a good 3 minutes about the "very formal train conductor"!! I am LOL again...still alone!!!

Gabi said...

gimme a BREAK!!!! Zac in his mini TUX and Shy in her sweet lil outfit!!!! Aghhhhhhhh too too precious!! Yayyy for Baptisms!! Fr Ricky did Dashiells too! He was awesome!! xoxo

liz said...

zac is just the man in that little suit!! haha... not to mention natalie's cake came out pretty good! i'm impressed.

lady of leisure said...

So I guess it wasn't just me and they do really sell only that one little tux outfit for boys. Tyler was just baptized in the same thing on the 23rd. There are pics on Bernie's Picasa site ( in case you are interested before I get around to blogging about it :)

Natalie said...

Too too too cute. I love the formal clothes for babies. They're so ridiculous, yet we all do it. I just posted my blog about my party. There is a funny reference (at least I think so) about Zac's baptism on there.

Kendra Forgacs said...

I'm pretty sure we didn't get a pic with our god-son!

Suzanne said...

Looks like it was a terrific day!!! Zac and Shyla (and Lilly of course) are so cute!