Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vegas baby!!!

We just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas, and I am exhausted! I'm going to blog about the weekend in shifts, because I took so many pictures!!
We went there for my cousin Cindy's wedding. We were so excited! Her wedding was Friday night, and unfortunately I couldn't leave until Friday morning. So... my dad and I woke the kids up at 4:30 am and caught a 6:15 flight (the rest of the fam was already there). Lilly was so excited to ride the airplane again! I was so excited to have my dad there to help with the kiddos, and this time I actually got to take a couple pictures on the plane.
After a short and uneventful flight, we were ready to get to our hotel and rest before the wedding. Stevie came to pick us up... and forgot the carseat for Zac in their hotel room (Zac was borrowing Shyla's). So, dad and Lilly headed to the hotel, and Zac and I hung out on the curb. Ha! Luckily, this was the face I saw the whole time:

What a happy boy! We ate, played, and did some photo shoots!

Eventually we did make it to the hotel (hee hee... sorry Stevie, but you knew I'd blog it!). It was probably a bigger pain for Stevie than for us - I got to have a few minutes of alone time with Zac while he fought traffic.
Anyhow, soon after, my friend Andrea showed up! She lives in Vegas so she was spending the weekend with me on the strip! We all went to lunch. Here's Lilly with Andrea!

And Zac with her too!
Anyone remember my recent post about Zac's stranger anxiety? That is apparently NOT true in Vegas. I think his little 7 month old brain was yelling "Vegas Baby!!" the whole time. He was laughing and flirting and letting everyone hold him and dance with him! The above pic of him snuggling with Andrea was just the beginning. Classic!
After lunch, we went back to the room to let the kids rest. Zac took a nice long nap, while Lilly did not. She rested a little... watched some Dora and read some Cinderella, but she did not nap. I don't blame her - it was a cool place and everything was new and so exciting. However, we had a wedding to go to!
Here are the kids on the way to the wedding...
The wedding/reception itself will be the next post, in a couple of days.

I have to say, I had a great weekend. BUT, Vegas is really a difficult place to be with young children. Really, the stroller issue alone is exhausting. Casinos have tons of stairs, so anywhere we wanted to go we had to find alternate routes with elevators... I'm just exhausted!
And, on that note, I have to work tomorrow so I'm going to bed! Check back in a couple of days for the wedding/reception post with lots of great pics of the bride and groom and family!
Happy Monday tomorrow!


Kendra Forgacs said...

Dear Vegas, you are totally different once kids are involved. I hope to see you December 6th at which time you will go down! Sincerely, kpf

Becca said...

I think all kids do that at weddings... We had to run out a 2 different churches with Jack when he was two!

Nicole Buchheit said...

Awww your kiddos are so darn adorable!!!!I love those pictures of Zak!!!!