Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday party!

My parents had a birthday party last night for me, my aunt Sherry, Pat, and uncle Pete (not pictured here). It was fun!

Host and hostess extraordinaire!

One of our three cakes. Doesn't it look like the names are written in sharpie?

Nicole, Soren and Suzanne
Natalie, Michael and Spencer Hakey, with Jeremy and Lilly.
Dave and Jen with John and Donna

Sister! Mom and aunt Sherry. Looking at this pic reminds me that I didn't get a picture with my sister - in fact I don't think I got a single picture of her :( Probably because she calls me paparazzi - guess I wasn't a very good paparazzi last night.

Me and Liz.
Jeannette with cake!
Lilly with cake!
Thanks to everyone! It was a lot of fun!


Liz said...

(gasp!) you lied!!! you told me that picture would not make the blog!! you're lucky it's your birthday... haha.

Suzanne said...

Great photos and fun. Happy b-day tomorrow! I've got a great photo of Kendra I'll have to send your way from that night.

Kendra Forgacs said...

that's because i wasn't really there!...great pic of mom and dad though!

Ma Yager said...

Looks like a fun birthday party! Cute pictures of everyone!

Natalie said...

I'm back. Sorry about the lack of comments on your blog. Moving sucks. We had so much fun at your party. I'm really glad we left the house to come to it. That makes us sound like hermits, but you know what I mean. Spencer is now afraid of Ginger after your parent's dog barked at him. We're thinking about suing you and your family. :)