Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They do!

Our Las Vegas trip continued....
Friday evening was Cindy and Dean's wedding! Here are the pics of the ceremony:

Ha! I didn't get to see the ceremony due to the tantrum of a two year old. Honestly, I don't blame her - it had been a big day and she just had a meltdown. I got her out of the chapel literally seconds before Cindy walked down the aisle. Kendra followed only a few minutes later with Shyla, so us girls sat outside and listened sheepishly.
I took Lilly up to uncle Pete's room to cool down. A little while later, we decided to try to go to the reception. We missed the introductions and first dance and stuff, but we still got there in time to have some fun. Here are the newlyweds!

And my attempt at a pic with my two kids.

My grandparents - aren't they perfect!
Grandma was the first one to the dancefloor!
Uncle Pete, dad, and Shyla
I like this pic of Pete and Nanette! They both laugh a lot, so getting a pic of them laughing together just makes me happy.
My dad and Cindy. I especially like how Kendra is ducking.
Zac was a party animal! He made it through the wedding ceremony, then danced all night with Nanette and anyone else who would dance with him! So fun!
And, this is about 5 minutes after putting them back in the stroller.

I'm usually pretty good with the camera - at least in terms of getting pics of everyone. Kendra calls me paparazzi because I always have it out. But, honestly, Lilly's meltdowns kinda threw me off, so my pictures were kinda spuratic and random. Plus, there were some that I thought I took that apparently I didn't. For example, I didn't get any of uncle Joe (Cindy's dad) or aunt Vicky. Or my mom, apparently. Kinda bummed, but it is what it is I guess.
Regardless, a big congratulations to Cindy and Dean!
Stay tuned... Vegas day 2 coming up soon...


Suzanne said...

You're so good Chelsea, getting your photos up so early. You inspire me!

I'm glad it was a great time, and just think again, how many calories you burned lifting the stroller!

Kendra Forgacs said...

Love, love, love the pics of Pete & Nannette and of GRandma & Grandpa. Great job sis! Oh, and of me ducking of course. I do make fun of you but I appreciate the photos too!