Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 20th! Again!?! Already!?!

The 20th of every month is so special for me. Just a nice time to take a few pictures and reflect on my little angels. They change so much, so fast.
Zac is 8 months and Lilly is 2 1/2 today! Wowzers how time flies!!!!
This pic is one ofmy favorites of late! This was tonight after Lilly helped me give Zac a bath. They love each other so much!

Lilly is such a girl! This was the other night when she was putting her babies "Allie and Bear Bear" down to sleep. She says "sshhhh" and "I wove you" and "close your eyes." These are the same things she says to Zac when she helps me put him to bed.
My big guy!
And another dinner time shot! Dinner time is a good time to take pictures, since they are both sitting somewhat still!
Zac is eating everything in sight these days! He has had most veggies and fruits (well, not most in the world, but most that we eat), and even chicken and pasta now. We're also able to give him chunks of food now rather than just "mush" which is nice.

I love love love these two little kiddos so much!
We also love Shyla, who is 3 months today! Which is weird, because I swear my baby sister was in the hospital having her, like, sometime late last week.
I also love that tomorrow is Friday! Have a good one!


Suzanne said...

Adorable "babies" they are! Those are great pics, ones you will cherish for a long time! You're a lucky gal!

Your Mom said...

Another big happy 20th to all my grandkids! I am one lucky grandma!

The Lynar Family said...

I love the dinner time picture!!!!!

Nicole Buchheit said...

They are so adorable. I'm so happy I got to meet them! :)

Kendra Forgacs said...

good times...great oldies