Monday, August 3, 2009

No, Odee me do it!

That's "only me do it" to the rest of us. Lilly is such an independent little lady! This morning she had to put her flip flops on all by herself. Didn't she do a great job?

Let's ignore the fact that they are on the wrong foot and the toe part is between the wrong toes. They were still perfectly functional!
Later, she had to help daddy stir the eggs.
This is only two of so many, many examples.
Let's not leave Zac out... he and Lilly play and laugh and smile and interact all day! He even took a step yesterday, while holding onto the couch, in order to get closer to her when she was making him laugh. Seriously?!?
Happy Monday!


Your Mom said...

She is a crack-up and definitely Miss Independence!..And Mr. Z is quite smitten by both his sister and his mommy!!

Suzanne said...

That is THE cutest pic of the too of them! They grow up so fast!!!