Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zac! Who said you could grow up so fast?!?

My big guy is growing up so fast! He is wearing shoes now, which is just so bittersweet! He's also drinking from a sippie cup. He's pretty good at getting water out of it too. Not great about swallowing... usually he starts laughing as soon as the water comes out, which results in massive spillage.
Oh and he is finally crawling like a normal baby - no more soldier crawl!

And here is a super cute bath pic!
And then there is our Lilly. She is just getting bigger and bigger too!

Don't they both just look like such big kids these days? Ahhh it's enough to make me want more babies. JUST KIDDING!!!
In all honesty though, I am so blessed with my two perfect angels. Zac is growing and adding visual milestones daily - like sippie cups and tennis shoes. Lilly's changes are harder to see in pictures, but just as obvious to me and Jeremy. She is rational and thoughtful and sweet. She sings songs and has very (VERY) strong opinions. Sometimes she wants us to sing with her, othertimes it is "odeee me sing!" She is grumpy in the mornings and sometimes whines at bedtime, but is generally happy otherwise. And boy does she have an imagination! Today she told me some stories about her trip to Tinkerbell's house. Each version was a little different - sometimes her daddy and I were invited and sometimes it was "Odeee me and Zacky." But each time it was sweet and understandable and imaginative.
Favorite phrases lately:
-Odee me! (obviously)
-Look at me!
-Me want to help! (ahhhh)
-Not me want to!
-Not me like it!
And my personal favorite...
-Nite nite Zacky. Me wuve you. Close your eyes (as she is helping me put him down to bed).
Boy oh boy do I love my kids!


Suzanne said...

They ARE so sweet! I've got to see more of Zac soon...used to see him every day. Love those kids (I do, I mean.) They are quite a special bunch.

Your Mom said... makes my heart happy to see the updates even tho I see them often...these little moments are so sweet and you are wise to document them!

Jeannette said...

You can tell by Zac's face that he knew the bath pic would be posted for the world to see.. hehe

Eileen Short said...

You do have some adorable babies. :) Don't worry, Zac still looks like a baby to me.

liz said...

soo cute my little friends are!! also - i don't know if you've heard, but there's this thing called sleep. you should try it sometime! haha... love you!!

Natalie said...

#1) Spencer has that same green and grey striped shirt.
#2) Zac looks like a Hawaiian surfer in those shorts.
#3) Lilly's legs look like she is 14 feet tall. I think it's the angle of the camera combined with the print, but it's still funny.
#4) I would like to visit Tinkerbell's house as well. Sounds like good times.