Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 20th - what a day!!

Happy 9 months to Zac and 2 years 7 months to Lilly! And, happy 4 months to Shyla!
We have had a great weekend! First, this picture was taken a few days ago - the first time Zac tried out a swing! He loved it!

This was a few days ago too - just some fun playtime with my kiddos! The smiles were so worth the physical pain!
Yesterday Jer and Rob took the kids to the zoo and the mall while I went to run club then to work. They all had a great day! This morning, we slept in a little bit (wonderful!). Lilly then woke me up and we decided to make pancakes. She had to help of course!

After our delicious blueberry pancakes, the men of the house woke up. We asked Lilly what she wanted to do, and she said she wanted to go to the zoo. We mentioned that she had just gone yesterday and she replied that she wanted to go with both mommy and daddy. How (and why?) could one say no to that! So off we went! First, we saw some animals. Then Lilly and daddy fed a giraffe!

Then we posed for some pictures.

We also walked around Reid Park for a bit and even took the train ride!! We took a few pictures on the train, but none turned out even remotely blog-able.
After the train, we high-tailed it home for lunch. Lilly is such a good big sister - here she is feeding Zac. (He was actually eating leftover pancakes for lunch since he slept through them at breakfast).
After lunch, it was naptime. Lilly talked to herself and sang to herself for about an hour and a half before finally falling asleep! At least she wasn't crying.
After nap, Jeremy had gone into work but the kids and I decided to go to the park. We met my friend Nicole, and we had the intention of running. Unfortunately, the track there wasn't too stroller friendly. But, they do have a great play area for the kids!

And here he is again, still lovin' the swings! Lilly also loves the swings! She loved that she gets to go higher than Zac!

Ahhh such wonderful kiddos!
Lilly loves Nicole (even after Nicole watched her take a swan dive off the swing just minutes after this picture was taken! ha! Sorry Nicole - you knew I'd have to blog it! Plus, she didn't even cry)!
And just one more picture of my big bad 9 month old boy!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, and has a good start to their week!

I have only one week of work until Fall break, which is nice. I'm teaching "intersession school" for the first 4 days of break, but I'll still have over 2 weeks left. I have lots of plans during that time, but I am so looking forward to a little less structure in my life for a few weeks!


Natalie said...

Lilly's hair is getting so long. Spencer has that same hat that Zac is wearing in the last picture. It's the only one he will wear.

It's funny, I noticed that today was the 20th so I've been waiting for your month update post. The birthdays in your family are so easy to track!

Suzanne said...

Hey, nice hat Zac! These are great photos, and looks like you had a ball this weekend. I love the great weather to be out in too!

I also hope you get some good downtime over the break, my friend!

Nicole Buchheit said...

HAHA. Aw, poor Lilly. Luckily she is still my buddy!!!! :)

Nicole Buchheit said...

..... AND why did you not blog about " my car door open...?" because really, THAT was the highlight of the day.

Kendra Forgacs said...

Comment #1: that poor dog in the picture of you, Zac, and Lilly. You are totally squishing him!

Comment #2: thanks for my invite to the park. Which park did you go to?

Comment #3: I need to get back to work but I love your blog and I love the 20th!

Gabi said...

Can we just talk about Lilly's SEXY side bangs!?!?!? I know you probably dont like me using sexy and Lilly together.....but c'mon..... Super sexy bangs shes got goin on rt now!!!