Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More fun with the fam!

On Sunday we decided to go to the zoo! First, we had to get all covered in sunscreen. Here is Lilly slathering Allie with "Special Sunscreen" (aka water in a bowl).
While she was busy doing that, I was noticing that my son is a hippie! Look at how his hair goes over his ears! I'm pretty sure I've seen a picture of my dad in the 70's with that same hair. Looks like Zac will be getting his first haircut before Lilly does!

So off to the zoo we went! The kids, Jeremy, Marv, Margaret, Rob, Nana and me (behind the camera). Oh yeah, and the Christmas Reindeer. Weird. He must have heard what Stevie said about him the day before. He looks mad.

We saw animals, fed the giraffes, and even ran into my good friend Suzanne and her family. Here are Nana and Marv enjoying a little break.
And Zac enjoying his sippie. He likes to kick it with his feet up in the stroller. What can I say, it's that relaxed, laid back hippie lifestyle of his.
Lilly enjoyed all the animals of course!
That afternoon, we rested for a bit (Lilly did not nap for the second day in a row. yikes.). Then, the whole crew came over for hot dogs (except Jer - he had to go to work).
Here is Zac showing off his new move. He goes from sitting, to standing, to tackling whatever is in front of him. In this case, the floor. Then he laughs and laughs.

Ahhh time for his first hot dog. Uh oh... I think he is a fan! He went crazy, then would get mad when he accidentally ate a carrot instead. Oh boy!

That's my girl with the Starbucks! Don't worry folks, I had refilled it with water. Pretty sunset...

And then it was bathtime. After this picture, Zac went to bed, the fam left, then it was Lilly's turn for a bath. After bath she likes to be carried "like a baby," then we sat and had girl talk before going to bed. What a doll!

What fun! We are having a great time with Margaret and Nana, and wish they could stay way longer!!


Kendra Forgacs said...

Couple Things:

a) I really like Marg's shirt.
b) Why does LIlly always wear a dress to the zoo? Is there some rule I don't know about?
c) What's with the reindeer?
d) For your own good, please don't ever fill my SBUX cup with water, under any circumstances.

The Yager Family said...

To Kendra:

a) Me too!
b) yes. It's the "I'm a 2 year old so I make my own rules" rule.
c) Um, obviously he was there because he was annoyed at Stevie trying to "roll" him.
d) Same to you.

Natalie said...

Looks like a fun day. I think Lilly could and should start giving guided tours of the zoo.

Spencer calls giraffes "Jer" so when we see you guys on Saturday, he'll be able to refer to your husband by name.

Kendra Forgacs said...

To Sister:

yous funny.

Your Mom said...

awwww...I really wish they could stay way longer too...

Suzanne said...

GREAT posting...so much fun and great photos! Soren had that hippie hair look too...it grows so fast on boys! I think he got his first cute right before his first b-day. I don't think Zac will be waiting so long!