Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy week - just some pictures!

Whew! Is it only Thursday??
First up... poor Ginger! I don't say that very often because, frankly, Ginger makes it quite clear that she hates me, puts up with the kids, and loves Jeremy. Still, no one deserves to be consistently hunted and tracked down in their own home.
There she is!

Hmmm maybe from this angle...
Look mom! She's all mine now!!
Unfortunately (for Ginger... muhha ha ha) this scene is recreated freqently these days, with just a change in setting. Could be Lilly's room, as seen above. Could be the kitchen table. Could be mom and dads's closet... but the characters and theme stay the same.
Next up, Lilly and mom goofing around. I hate this pic of me, but think it's hysterical that Lilly put her hand up on the camera like I do when we're doing self portraits!
Zac and daddy goofing around as well!
Lilly brushing her teeth. Kinda a bad picture. Not really sure why I'm including it. But I am. Because I can.
And, this last one is of Nicole on the news the other night! Our school gets a pretty good amount of press, being that we're new, have cool technology (that we're USING), and that we just rock in general. Nicole got to be interviewed and show off a really innovative tool that we are using district wide. Pretty much, she's famous now. Go Nicole!

Happy Friday to you all!
Oh... wait.... it's not... darn it! Have a great Thursday anyway :)


Your Mom said...

It's 5 O'Clock somewhere so maybe it really is Friday somewhere!!!..well, it will be soon, in the meantime enjoy this day for what it is!!!Love you

The Yager Family said...

you forgot to include that ginger hates me too! well, at least my glasses. Nicole looks so GOOD on TV!

The Yager Family said...

PLEASE NOTE: the above comment (as well as this one) was posted by Chelsea's cool sister. No, she does not (frequently) comment on her own posts.

liz said...

kendra... don't cover for her! we all know she comments on her own blog! haha...

first off - i must say, the look in zac's eye in that 3rd picture is HILARIOUS!! poor, ginger, she has yet to realize what will be the near future for her and zac!

secondly - love, LOVE that you take pictures of the television! LOL!!!

Helene said...

OMGoodness, the pic of your son getting his hands on the cat is classic...I totally love the look on his face!!!

Your kids are adorable!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and making my SITS day the best ever! Doesn't matter that you were a day late....I'm just happy you took the time to still stop by!!

Natalie said...

It must be the name. Spencer was relentless with our Ginger once he discovered he could crawl after her. Even now I have to remind him not to sit on her or pull her tail.

It's so cool that you are at such a cool school. In fact, your school may be too cool for school. What? I need to go to bed.

Nicole Buchheit said...

Hahhahaa, another entertaining blog post - and comments. :)