Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poker night and tailgaiting!

It has been a BUSY weekend, and it's only Saturday night! Crazy!
Last night we hosted a poker night! It was one of those things where we didn't know how it would go with the kids - would they go to sleep with people there? Would they stay asleep? Would this whole evening be a disaster?
The answer... Not at all disasterous! Actually, the kids went to bed minutes before our guests arrived. We sat on the back pation under my new happy birthday ceiling fans (thanks daddy for the gift and thanks Jeremy for the installation!) and had a great and crazy time while the kids slept peacefully through it all.
It was a small but super fun group! Here is Dave with the four chips he had left early on in the night. Funny! His beautiful wife Jen (that's her hand) was kind enough to keep him in the game by sharing her chips.
Here's Jen dealing like a pro.

Nicole looks a little confused about the game here! I was the same way... didn't really know what wsa going on, but it sure was fun!

Rob, who helped organize the event!

And me and my crazy hubby. What is up with that hat??

We had to play a little indian poker! Is that politically correct? Regardless, I'd like to point out that Nicole is not actually flipping me off... she just made a poor choice in how she is holding her card. At least I think!

Thanks to the gang for a really fun evening!! We definitely have to do that again soon!!

Naturally, Jeremy and I both had to wake up early this morning. Jeremy had to work and I had my running club. Mom took care of the kids, then we met up and she bought me new running shoes! Thanks mom!
Then, nap time for the whole house. NICE!
Finally, it was time to get ready for the U of A tailgate! Am I a really, really terrible mom for dressing my kids in matching shirts?? I wasn't ever going to be "that mom." But, as it turns out, I am "that mom." So sue me... they're cute!
We ran into so many people there! Here we are with my boss Kevin and his friend Sean who were tailgaiting with Micah (my boss from last year - not pictured) only a few tents down from my dad's. We also ran into Dave and Jen, who were right across the walkway from the Kevin/Micah tent. Small world!
My dad and Jer and Rob headed into the game, but I came home to get those kiddos in bed. But first... since it is Saturday night and all... we had to have some playtime! It was a little past bedtime, but they were happy and playing together and laughing! so fun!
Oh and Lilly is back on breathing treatments for a few days. It is nothing serious, but when she gets a cold and starts coughing she starts wheezing and the medicine that we put in this machine really seems to help. This isn't a "oh poor Lilly" picture, but a cute "she's such a big girl taking her medicine and reading her book" picture.
Whew! Big day! I hope everyone's Labor Day weekend is off to a great start!


Natalie said...

You have had a busy weekend. I'm tired just reading your about your weekend. You are NOT a terrible mom for letting your kids wear matching shirts. To make you feel better here is a mini list of things I was not going to do as a mom that I currently do: let my kid eat hot dogs, french fries and chicken nuggets; watch DVD's in the car; drink watered down juice; run around with sticky hands and faces. And those are just the ones I can think of in 30 seconds.

Becca said...

Looks like you guys were really busy... and you still have 2 days left!

I love the matching shirts - they're adorable, and it doesn't make you "that Mom." That would happen if they wore matching outfits at ages 5 and 7... ;-)

Laura said...

Looks like soo much fun! I hope that we can make the next poker night and the next tailgate! :)

Your Mom said...

Fun weekend so far with my adorable grandkids (and kids too!). Matching shirts are fine for sporting events...there were a lot of matching shirts there who were a lot less cute!!!

Nicole Buchheit said...

I laughed SO hard reading this post. Thanks for the entertainment....... :) Poker was way fun, can't wait to do it again :) AND I can't wait for your 2 mile fun run post :)

AND the matching shirts were SO worth it, they looked adorable!!!!

AND I also second the thanks to your Mom... for showing me Fleet Feet and for the AMAZING new socks! :)

Mary Dave said...

Loved this post Chelsea! You are amazing and a GREAT MOM! WE love you!