Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A bad day turned ... well... better.

Boy Lilly had a rough day at school today! Apparently she just wasn't herself. She wanted to be alone, just kinda sitting or playing by herself, and wanted to be held a lot more than often. So unlike our normally social and hysterical girl! I was so sad to hear that she was sad. I think having your child be sad is worse than having them be sick. I don't mean really sick - thank God I've never experienced that. But, like, fever/cold/flu sick. I think sad is worse. There is no medication for sad, and it is harder to figure out why they are sad. Ugh it is the worst!
Upon asking Lilly a lot of questions, I did find out that her best friend at school pushed her and was being "not nice." Oh my heart breaks for her again just thinking about it.
Then again, let's be honest - Lilly is 2. Friends fight and get over it. In reality, last night I took her and Zac running with me and, as a result, kept her up a little too late, so she was extra tired today. This, I'm sure, made the "not nice" friend situation much worse. Still... there is nothing like knowing your child is sad.
Ok, on to the good stuff. We got home and Jeremy decided to take us all to dinner! Lilly immediately perked up (ahhh emotional eating ... her mother's daughter for sure), so off we went. Naturally, I forgot my camera, which would have been especially handy when Lilly was grubbing her ice cream or when Zac was just happy about food in general. But, I did grab it when we got home.
First, we sat outside for a bit and tried to pet the neighborhood cat. It doesn't really look like it, but Lilly really was enjoying herself.

Then, enough was enough. It was time to play!!

Soon, my happy girl was back!

Let's not forget about Zac! He, apparently, had a fabulous day. Still... always time for more fun at home! He has been LOVING this big 'ol doggie lately. It just cracks him up!

Lilly and I had to take a pic. Gosh I look beat-down and tired by the end of the day. But, ignore me... Lilly looks happy and content! Finally!
Then Zac told us he was tired. How? By sucking his thumb. That's what he does.

As I got Zac ready for bed, Lilly found Jeremy's hat and had to play with it a bit.
And a bit more.
Eventually, it was time for Lilly to crash. And crash she did. This time, right on time.
I have been trying like heck to get in some running during the week. I've been trying different times and schedules, to see what works best. Apparently the "after dinner/take the kids" run isn't going to work unless we can get an earlier start. She literally was up probably 15 or 20 minutes later than normal, and it made a huge difference.
Anyone in the Tucson area have a used treadmill so I can get my runs in in the morning???
Anyhow, time for a .... FLASHBACK!!
These two pics were taken last September. Here, Jeremy and I show off the baby belly.
And, our precious Lilly. She looks SO little and young!!This week is busy busy busy with quarter 1 grades closing plus parent teacher conferences, not to mention the million other things that I am forgetting (ignoring?) for the moment.
Hope all other weeks are going well and that dinner, ice cream, and wrestling with loved ones has the same positive effect on you as it does on Lilly.


Suzanne said...

I am so glad to hear Lilly was just sad and not sick! Boy am I ever. Sounds like you had a fun night and I LOVE, UBER LOVE (yes, I said that!) the photo of you and Lilly close up. Tonight, I too, felt like blogging mid-week. We must have been on at the same time, as I checked yours before, nothing, and after, BINGO!

lady of leisure said...

I love Lilly's shirt from today! We are going back next month but don't think we'll have time to make it up north - so sad!

Natalie said...

I'm glad everything got better. Nothing like going out to eat to perk up a sad day. Today was the first day that Spencer didn't cry when I left him with the sitter. He was Mr. Pouty Face and when he said "bye" his voice was cracking, but no tears. Good day for all.

Great pictures with this post. I've been slacking on the pictures lately.

Kendra Forgacs said...

the flashback pic of you a jer is hilarious! it looks like you share a set of antlers!

Becca said...

Poor Lilly! Jack has those days at preschool, too. He called his "best friend" a meanie the other day! It was precious.

I have a friend that runs with me at 5:15 am- We can usually only get in 2 miles before we have to get ready for work, but it seems to work for us... until the winter comes, anyway...

Ma Yager said...

Love the picture of you and Lilly! You both look so cute!

Nicole Buchheit said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are SOOO cute!!!!