Sunday, June 14, 2009

We are a highchair family yet again!

Unbelievably, it has come time for Zac to start eating solid foods! About 2 or 3 months ago, Lilly finally retired from her highchair, as she was ready for a "big girl" booster chair. Today, we dusted the highchair off and pulled it back in from the garage. How do they grow up so fast?
Zac was definitely excited about this new adventure. He's usually a little skeptical of adventures, but somehow he knew that this one had to do with food, which made him very happy!

Here comes the first bite!
He did what all babies do, and his tongue pushed the food out more than in.

But, he kept reaching out for more. Each bite took a couple of tries, but he really did get a good amount of the cereal in! The coolest thing was that he never got frustrated and he seemed to enjoy the experience, plus he lunged toward the spoon a couple of times once he figured out what we were doing!
I think he liked the cereal! He definitely would have preferred this pretzel of his daddy's, however.
A quick flashback... these next three pictures document Lilly's first cereal eating experience. We didn't have a highchair, so we used the swing! First bite, going in...
Hmmm.... maybe....
Nope! I hate it daddy get me out of here right now!!!
There are a variety of possible reasons for Lilly's reaction versus Zacs. For one, she was a couple of weeks younger than Zac is now. Also, her parents had NO clue what they were doing. She was in a swing for Pete's sake.
Yesterday Zac had another "first"... swimming! Here I am with my two little fishies! You can't tell, but Zac has the cutest little swim trunks on! He enjoyed swimming too. Now that I think about it, maybe my hesitant little man is becoming more adventurous!
This is just a fun picture of my handsome little man. He makes me smile so much!!! Notice he is on the tile, even though the carpet is right next to him. That's what he does. We can't keep him on the carpet these days! PS this picture was taken the day that he pooed on me... not once, but twice. And, he still makes me smile and laugh. Now that is love love love!
This morning we went to the mall with Suzanne and Soren! We always have such fun with them!
After the mall, we went to the zoo. Lilly had also gone to the zoo yesterday with her daddy! On Saturday mornings, I've been taking Zac with me to Weight Watchers and leaving Lilly with Jeremy for some father-daughter bonding. I think they are both really enjoying it!
There is something so special about that father-daughter relationship! I know there is a very special place in my heart for my daddy, and I know Lilly has the same feelings about her daddy! You can see the way they look at each other in this pic. Lilly never sleeps in our bed, but this picture was taken when Lilly went in to wake her daddy up, and he pulled her in with him. She was obviously loving the special moment!
Here is Lilly sharing her phone. She has pretty much given Zac her other phone, but this one has always been hers. Still, she shares it with him and I think she is so kind and special and wonderful to her brother!
What a beautiful girl, inside and out.
I've said it before and I'll say it again... I am so blessed and feel truly lucky to have such wonderful kids! Thanks Jer, for helping make & raise these little angels! We have our rough moments, for sure. With Zac, usually anything after 7pm can be considered rough, as he gets sleepy and grumpy. With Lilly, well... she's two, so it could be anytime, but brushing teeth is always a battle. Still, there is no doubt that the good outweighs the bad. That's why there are so many pictures of the "good."
Have a great week!

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Natalie said...

I love the comparison of Zac and Lilly. They look nothing alike, yet they look exactly alike. Does that make sense?

I've been waiting for some good messy baby food shots. Can't wait to see more.

Great post!