Saturday, June 27, 2009

Monday in CA!

So, MONDAY morning we woke up, and Steph and I decided to take the kids to the park. Folsom has a great park near their zoo, and so we packed a picnic and out we went! In all honesty, we HAD to get the kids out and distracted from their bickering. There was more whining than I'm used to. Ahhh the competitive nature of kids.

Here are Lilly and Camille eating their sandwiches.
And Zac was oblivious to all the bickering. He just chilled on the ground, practicing his crawling, which he suddenly started doing right around this point in the trip. I am SO glad we were visiting Jer's parents when he achieved this milestone!
That afternoon, Stephanie and Camille had to head home, so we said goodbye.

Margaret and Rob were out of town for the Father's Day BBQ, so we were so glad they were able to come over Monday afternoon. Nana and Marv came too! They brought gifts (of course - they always do). Here is Zac sporting his new outfit!
Lilly discovered some butterfly wings. This is her new out fit too! They brought me one as well (totally unnecessary, but thanks!!!), which I conveniently got to try on after Zac pooed on me. His outfit, unfortunately, had to hit the laundry bag at that time.
Meanwhile, Lilly practiced flying like a butterfly!
Rob and Marv went out and picked up dinner from Adalbertos (Dan North, if you ever read my blog, eat your heart out! Adalbertos is one of your favs!!). Yum!

Here, Nana and Lilly are having a pretty serious conversation!
What a great evening! Thanks again for the visit, the gifts and everything!
Tomorrow, I'll finish up posting about our CA trip!

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GMa Yager said...

Lilly loved her oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast.
She also liked cream cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch.