Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thankful for our great pediatrician!

Well, we had a rough night. Lilly was coughing and crying and had a temperature most of the night. This morning was a little better, but her throat hurt and she was still coughing a little. We saw her doctor, checked oxygen levels and had two breathing treatments, then had to have a chest x-ray just to rule out pneumonia. Well, it turns out Lilly has a viral infection, and needs to be on a nebulizer (I'm anxiously waiting for it to be delivered now), followed by another doctor's appointment tomorrow. Poor thing!

10 Reasons I LOVE our pediatrician:

10. He used to be my pediatrician. :)

9. He is "better safe than sorry." And is not afraid to take longer than planned.

8. He explains things in understandable terms, and makes sure mommies and daddies understand.

7. It is incredibly easy to get in to see him at the last minute. Today I called at 8:20, and was asked if we could be there by 9am. This is after I told them that I didn't think we needed to be seen, I was just wondering if we could give her any kind of cough or throat medicine.

6. His nurse is good with kids. She let Lilly "help" put the medicine in the nebulizer and gave some of the medicine to her dolly.

5. He schedules follow-up appointments as a check-up, not only if it gets worse.

4. He doesn't believe "no news is good news." He calls when he gets the results of something, even just to say "chest x-ray looks just fine."

3. He PERSONALLY calls back. Every time.

2. When Zac was sick, he gave me his cell phone number. Today, he confirmed that I still have it.

1. He also gave me his home phone number, and told to call anytime.

I'm just very thankful for the comfort that having a good pediatrician provides parents!
Here is Lilly with the tubing for her nebulizer.
Zac, meanwhile, had his 6 month well-baby check-up last Friday. He is 26 inches and weights 16lbs, 11oz. He is also officially crawling (still sorta soldier-style, but getting around for sure). Here's a pic of how I found him a few minutes ago, trying to crawl under the side table.
I will likely do another post later or tomorrow with some fun swimming pictures from this weekend. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Natalie said...

Well of course I'm going to agree since he was my pediatrician too. Do you think it's weird that our moms could have been sitting in the waiting room together with us when we were babies? I mean- we're what? 2 weeks apart. I'd say it's more likely than not likely.

lady of leisure said...

Wow, I thought our pediatrician was good but she is not nearly on the same page as this guy! That's so fun that it's the same one you had...as long as you're not still seeing him like Ross did on that one episode of Friends (I just saw the rerun the other day).

The Yager Family said...

Karen... ha ha ha that is the best episode of friends! No, I don't still see him, but if I were to get the flu or something it would be tempting :)
Natalie, sadly he wasn't my pediatrician until I was a little bit older, but my mom can't remember how old. Probably before or early school age. Still, we very well could have been there at the same time for school physcials, etc. Funny!

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh! Are they saying it is asthma or just a rare thing with the infection? Poor sweetie! I hope she gets better soon! I missed you Tuesday, but I'm sure we'll see each other soon.