Saturday, June 27, 2009

CA trip... continued...

Ok, we are on to SUNDAY!
In my last post, I mentioned that Stephanie & Camille came to visit Saturday evening. On Sunday morning, we all woke up and got ready for some playtime!
I just think this is a cute pic of Lilly.
And here are Lilly and Camille! They had a really good time together. They also had a number of "fights," usually including lots shouts of "mine!" But, girls will be girls, and two year olds (almost, in Camille's case) will be two year olds.
Ok, sorry to post the pic of Camille licking the windmill. I took a bunch of these, but this is one of the few where you can see both faces.
They had a great time playing on the air mattress.
Then.... time for the Father's Day BBQ!!!
Here is Nana, meeting Zac for the first time!
This is Brent and Bobbie, our neighbors in Citrus Heights. I am SO touched that they came to the BBQ - it was so nice to see them both and I know they were dying to see Lilly and meet Zac. They are such nice people, and we are thankful for their continued friendship! Eileen and Adam came too! It was so nice to see them, and (again) for them to see Lilly and meet Zac! Boy was it fun!
Grandpa Dave cooking up some yummy dogs! Happy Father's Day!
And, grandma Mary with Lilly!
Here I am with Zackary in my new baby carrier. I borrowed one for a few minutes from a friend and Kim's baby shower, and fell in love with this carrier. I've tried other carriers, and they just haven't been as comfortable. This one is great for both Zac and me! So fun!
A HUGE thank you to grandma Mary for buying me this carrier. I love it, and it was a big help in the airport too!!
Nana getting to know Zac a little better.
I just love this picture of Lilly.
Lilly and Camille swam earlier in the day. Actually, Lilly swam again (see pictures from the last swimming post - they look pretty similar), but Camille was a little freaked out by the cold water. This picture was taken later, after swim time, when they both decided they should go in again, in their party clothes. It's amazing how much more fun swimming is in clothes than even in a swimsuit. Lilly got a kick out of it and, being that we were on vacation and all, I let her go crazy. Then, we just stripped down and dried off after!

What a great day! I wish we could have celebrated with Jeremy, but it was awesome being with grandpa Dave for Father's Day! This was such a big post, that it is just one day... Monday will be coming up soon...


Your Mom said...

What a fun time with great people!! I still think Zac looks like Nana! Love MOM

GMa Yager said...

We sure did have a fun time with Chelsea and Lilly & Zac. This has been the best summer ever!!!