Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zac's not nice floor lamp!

More about the title later.
This picture is blurry, but it is just a picture of Zac's sad pouty face. He is teething, and has been so uncomfortable for the last couple days. Poor little guy!

Lilly is finally feeling much better today. Her stomach has been "off" for the last couple days, even after she was otherwise recovered from her little sickness this weekend. Cross your fingers, we might just be out of the woods.

My mom stopped by after work for a few minutes today, and read Lilly a couple books. Here they are reading one of my favorites from my childhood "Hand Hand Fingers Thumb."

Tonight was bath night for both kids. Lilly always helps me with Zac's bath, mostly by standing there and chatting my ear off while I bathe him. I wouldn't change it for the world. After, we go to Zac's room to get him lotioned and powdered and clothed... all the good stuff. Tonight Lilly started pulling on his standing lamp, and I had to tell her "no touch." She, of course, asks "no touch?" and so I explain that it could fall and cause an owwie. She takes this to mean it would fall on her head, which is fine, so I agree. Next thing I know she is yelling at the lamp post "Not nice! Hit Lilly head! Not nice!" I just had to laugh because 2 year olds are so literal! She wouldn't listen as I tried to tell her that it would only cause the owwie if she pulled it down. ha!

Two more pics... just a flashback to Lilly about a year ago. It is always fun to compare!!


Natalie said...

Poor little Zac- he looks positively miserable. I don't know why teething has to be such a pain. As a species, can't we evolve past this in some way?

I love that you're doing comparison pictures now. I think they're so fun.

Suzanne said...

We'll have to get that book for Soren. I sure hope Zac is feeling better soon, and glad Lilly is on the road to recovery. :)