Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just a tease....

Ok folks, here we are in Sacramento! Lilly, Zac and I are here visiting our family and friends. Jeremy couldn't make this trip, but he'll be here in about a month, solo.

I had the best of intentions for updating the blog regularly from here. I have plenty of great pictures and stories already, and we've only been here about a day and a half. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't seem to want to work with their computer. Or, their computer doesn't seem to want to work with my camera. Regardless... BOO!

So, here are some "teaser" pics from Mary's camera from today. Before we get to that tho... the flight. I was a teeny, tiny bit nervous about flying alone with the two kids. Honestly, Lilly and Zac are both great kids. They are easy going and fun and happy. But, traveling can make anyone grumpy, especially children. So, I was nervous. Plus, after booking the tickets I realized that I actually only have two arms. That means that handling two squirmy kids, a stroller and various pieces of luggage was going to be challenging.

My dad drove us all the way to Phoenix for our flight and got us in and all the way to security. Then, it was just us. We grabbed a snack and got on the plane. My kids are wonderful. Two things really saved me from what could have been a rough experience.

1. A portable DVD player lent to me by my good friend Liz. Thanks again Liz!!! Oh, plus a Dora the Explorer and an Elmo DVD.

2. A very friendly gentleman who chose (that's right... CHOSE) to sit next to a mom with two young chilins.

This guy was so nice, asked if he could hold Zac for me while I got Lilly's DVD player set up (once we were at cruising altitude), then told me to "take a break" and that he would give Zac back if he started crying. He played peek-a-boo and had Zac rolling with laughter, and didn't even bat an eyelash when Zac spit up on him. Ha! I am thankful for this strangers kindness, and will be keeping my eyes open for a way to "pay it forward."

Anyhow.... then we arrived! It has been great seeing and playing with grandma and grandpa Yager, Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn and Cousin Anthony. The kids and I also saw my good friend Kim this morning, which was great! I'm looking foward to her baby shower on Saturday! Jenn and I went shopping this afternoon, without the kids. It was so nice to talk and catch up with her with no distractions!

I will share pics from last night and this morning when I get back to AZ. Tonight, we went to dinner with everyone in celebration of Anthony's 14th birthday (which is actually on Sunday). These are the "teaser pictures" from Mary's camera. Lilly and Jon seem to be the stars of most of these pics, probably because they were so hysterical.
But first... doesn't Zac look like he could be Jenn's baby?

On to Jon and Lilly, in deep conversation.

Not really sure what is going on here... I think it had to do with cleaning someones face.
What a happy family!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

As I said... just a few pics as a teaser.
Hope everyone is having a great week. I know we are!!


Natalie said...

Yeah! What dedication- I didn't think there would be anything new until you got back. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and hear the stories.

Kendra Forgacs said...

you really are a die-hard blogger, aren't you? have lots of fun!

Your MOM said...

What a great travelog (or should I say TravelBlog???)...keep sending whatever yu can! Love you...