Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ok, whose butt was that?!?

I actually heard myself say this today, in all seriousness, and it cracked me up. So, I figured it was a great title for this post, even though it has nothing to do with the pictures. The funny thing is, Lilly is the only one of the three of them who will give me a truthful answer (yep, three. I'm counting Jeremy even though, to be fair, he wasn't there when this particular suspicious noise occurred).

Both kids seem to be feeling better today! Whew! Here they are this evening. This is before Lilly's major meltdown, but that is another story... I blame fatigue.

Zac is working so hard on sitting up. He's trying to crawl too. Isn't he handsome??
Here is Shyla, who turned 2 weeks yesterday! Kendra was given a clean bill of health today, with a follow up in another month or so, and Shyla goes back to the pediatrician tomorrow. I expect she'll be given a clean bill of health as well :)

These next two pics were taken last month during Lilly's zoo date with her daddy. While they were there, a lady asked if she could take some pics of Lilly since she just looked so cute in her dress and hat. Jer agreed, as long as she emailed him the pictures! She is beautiful! It's also funny that she was wearing that same dress today. Ha! The girl loves looking girly.


Natalie said...

Your comment cracked me up too. I can totally picture you (and many other mom's actually) saying that. I think this is the first picture (the top one) where I think Lilly and Zac really look like siblings. Too cute!

Suzanne said...

Okay, I want to know more about the butt thing...ha!

And, isn't it wonderful to look at your children through someone else's eyes? Our sitter has been taking photos with my camera during the week here and has had some GREAT shots. I love the ones of Lilly...adorable! I also love the one of Lilly and Zac. That is sure a keeper of bro and sis!

GMA said...

Shyla is so cute! Of course, Lilly and Zac are too!

Rebecca said...

She looks adorable! How sweet of that woman at the zoo!