Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nothin' clever...

I have nothing clever or specific to write about today. Still, my kids are cute and it's been a week since I blogged. So here I sit...
It's been a week since I blogged for a couple reasons. One, I liked signing on to my blog and seeing our Ragnar pictures. Click here to see them again!
More, though, it has been a week since I blogged because we've been sick. Specifically, first Lilly was sick. Then Zac. Then Zac and Lilly. Then Zac was more sick than Lilly but I thought Lilly was more sick then Zac. Then me. Then Lilly, because she wants to be just like me. Now Jer.
Whew! What a week!
Let's slow it down a bit...
Sunday evening, after Ragnar, I noticed Lilly was coughing quite a bit. Interesting. We went to bed and she was up a bit of the night coughing. I promised myself I would give her her nebulizer in the morning.
Monday morning, I tried to get her up and she was a wreck - exhausted, fever, cough, the whole thing. Thankfully, my mom was able to take off work at the last minute, so I took Lilly to her and took Zac to school, and off I went to work.
That afternoon, I heard that Lilly was feeling better but when I picked up Zac I heard that he had been miserable all day! Sheesh!
Jeremy had Tuesday off, so I made appointments for the doctor for both kids. Jer took them and reported back - no ear infections, just bad colds. Keep doing what we're doing. Check.
Wednesday morning I had the kids loaded up in the car and Lilly was just miserable, so I decided to be a good mom/bad teacher and take the day off with her. Still took Zac to school so I could baby her all day. This is when we decided powdered sugar donuts really help.
Zac came home from school feeling fine - a runny nose and grumpy in the evening, but grumpy evenings are normal for him!
By Wednesday evening, Lilly was still miserable and coughing and fever... so I called in for Thursday.
Thursday was more of the same, for both kids.
Friday, I took Zac to school and Rob was able to stay with Lilly in the morning until Jeremy got home from work around noon.
I had doctor's appointments already scheduled for both kids for Friday afternoon - Lilly's was her 3 year well baby (do they still call it baby?) check up and Zac for his second dose of H1N1.
Come to find out, year 3 is where they start wearing paper "dresses" and stand up for height/weight... all the "big kid" stuff.

Zac liked that the drawers aren't child locked like at our house!
So, Lilly got checked out and is just great. 50% in height and weight, and developmentally doing awesome (ok, my words not his. But still. She's awesome).
Doc took one look at Zac and asked how he was doing (since seeing him on Tuesday... remember?)
I say "Oh great! He is so much better! Still a bit of a runny nose but otherwise, just fine."
Doc asks about fever or fussiness.
Nope, no fever. Only fussy before bed. Sleeping great.
Still, doc glances in his ears.
Double ear infection.
Here is the look of a boy who has a terrible mommy who thought he was better when really he was getting worse.
Soooo.... off to the pharmacy to get antibiotics.
Then... off to DQ of course to get ice cream. Didn't I mention blizzards and ice cream once being the cure all? Oh yes, here it is.

Side note - after dinner and ice cream we were playing for a bit. Zac walked away and I watched him disappear into the hall (the only open door was his room) and waited for a minute. Then, out he comes carrying his pajamas, brings them to me, and hugs me. As in, Ok mom, this is fun and all but please, would you mind helping me into these so I can go to bed?
Super cute!

Ok, moving right along... while I was out of the classroom this week, my students created this book cover for Love Of Reading week. They were supposed to pretend a book was being written about their class, and create the cover. I was happily surprised to see that they did it even though I wasn't there, and it turned out cute!

1000 Ways To Annoy Your Teacher

By: The 7th Grade Bozos.

I love that each kid is illustrated and identified by name.

I love that I am there, tied up and being carried away by a couple of kids.

I love that they called themselves Bozo's... which I may or may not call them in class. A lot.

I LOVE that they won the school Book Cover Contest. Yeah, I'm a little competitive.


Your Mom said...

THAT is an awesome book cover!! Congrats to your creative annoying class...and congrats to YOU for teaching them AND for your new job (no blog about that??)

Tessa Riley said...

For the record...powdered donuts are the perfect get healthy snack =)with a little DQ on top!! I hope everyone is feeling better - especially warn out momma!!

Erin :) said...

Bozos: 1, The Rest of the School: 0Hope kids and mom are back to 110% soon, soon, soon! Now I have to go find me some powdered donuts...mmmmm.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

The book cover is great!

I, too, have been guilty of the kid being sick while you thing he's ok. I think it happens to us all... seriously.

Suzanne said...

It is because you have the cool advisory. Those kids are darn COOL! I love 'em! So sorry to hear about Zac ears! I hope Soren doesn't have anything like that and is taking it out on us by throwing everything in sight! Yes, he's feeling better, but is a real pain in the neck lately, emptying everything he sees on the floor, then throwing it, happily, then ignoring us to pick it up! Darn guy. I took him to the zoo this morning to run off some of that energy, cuz Mom and Dad...well, we're worn out, and hope we don't get sick like you two. So sorry!

Natalie said...

Yeah- it really sucks when your kid/kids are sick. I really think there is nothing else though that makes you feel so much like a mom. Sometimes I start thinking that I couldn't possibly be a mom because I'm just not "mom enough" and then Spencer gets sick and I spring into action and I'm the total mom. Except the time I thought he was having an asthma attack and it turned out to be croup. But we don't talk about that.

LOVE the book cover! Job well done.

P.S. T- minus 11 days until your visit. I found something we can do on Saturday too!

lady of leisure said...

Glad the kids are better and hope you and Jeremy are all better too! That sounds like a pretty awful week.

I love your kids' book cover!