Saturday, March 27, 2010

A great day!

An alternate title for this post could be: Bad mom strikes again.
Maybe I need a "bad mom" button. Becca?

Anyhow, this morning the kids and I went to a 5K to benefit our school district. We had a blast. The run itself was beautiful. Plus, Lilly started out by really running... running and laughing and yelling and running and laughing some more.
For maybe a block. Then, you know, her legs got tired.
She spent some time in the stroller with Zac. Some walking or running. Some picking flowers. And some on my shoulders.
I. Took. No. Pictures.
Bad mom.
After the run there was a whole block party - hot dogs, jumping castles, face painting, ponies... the whole thing. I did take this one picture of Lilly on the pony on my phone. It's blurry.
Bad mom. Got home, and I realized that my fears had been realized. My haphazard application of sunscreen on Zac had not done the trick. Look at his little cheeks!
Bad mom.

As Zac napped, Lilly and I decided to make brownies.
First, we add the ingredients.

Then we stir them up.

Gotta add the sprinkles.

Quick nap while they cook.
(This was pre-dinner. Bad mom.)
Zac thinks so too!
After snack time and before dinner, we decided to play outside.
Inevitably, they fight over something.
I took a picture.
Bad mom (?)

The thing is, I'm so lucky that I have two spunky, beautiful, wonderful kids who will fight one minute and hug the next.

On another note, Zac has turned from a baby to a little boy overnight.

Not just in looks, but in his actions. He is getting so determined and specific with his play. He wants things a certain way, which leads to frustration if it's not that way. He knows some rules (and that a flirty smile helps when he gets told "no").

Lilly also is getting more "mature." I now have to call her "Diego" more often than "Dora." I love her stories and jokes. Potty training and big girl bed training are coming right along. It must be tough to be 3!

Ok, so when all is said and done, I don't think I'm a bad mom. I have plenty of "bad mom moments," but I promise that I'm just teasing myself by labeling each of them! If I truly thought I was a bad mom, I probably wouldn't share any of it and, instead, only "perfect mom moments." If only I could think of any... :)


Kendra Forgacs said...

you forgot to mention Lilly's choice of shoes and the idiot with the sign.

all-in-all it was a great race for a great cause and you are anything but a bad mom.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Making you an "Amazing Mom" button...

I think that every once in a while, you have to put down the camera... and then pick it up to take pictures of the fighting. And the tantrums. I do it, too :)

Eileen Short said...

glad you know you're a bad mom...spending all that great time with your kids...awesome mom!!!

Jess said...

you are a great mom!! Its evident everyday in the fact that Lilly is such a HAPPY, sweet fun child :) I dont get to work with Zac much but He smiles a lot too. I just hope I can keep my lil guy as smily as your are :)

Your Mom said...

what a great day and what lucky kids to have you for a mommy!

Suzanne said...

Hysterical post, and I appreciate it! I always want to take photos in Soren's meltdown moments, just to remember them! Looks like a great weekend and hope it continued with fun at the park!

Natalie said...

I'd take you as a "bad" mommy any day of the week. I mean, come on, you were actually running in the 5K. How are you supposed to do that and take pictures? Jeez.

Those brownies look delicious BTW.

Tessa Riley said...

Bad mom!?!? Oh PUUULEAAAASE! You mean mom too involved and focused on entertaining and enjoying her kids that she doesn't think 'camera!" It sounded like the perfect day. I can't wait for our own sibling rivalry photos =)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a "good mom day," actually. Pony rides. Brownies. Being outside. What more could your kids ask for? That's pretty much the perfect day! :)

P.S. So sorry we missed you. Next time!

lady of leisure said...

You are crazy!! Your kids couldn't possibly be so cute and loving and fun if you were a bad mom! If you're a 'bad mom', I hope I'm one too :)