Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Through Thursday!

I had every intention of blogging quite a bit more this week, but I've been plagued with migranes. Fun Spring Break huh? Oh the other hand, at least I haven't had to teach with them!

Thankful Through Thursday is meant to be just a random assortment of pictures, so that my other posts can be specific. Today, however, is specific.

Lilly got her big girl bed yesterday! When she got home from school, it was all ready for her. Look at this face!

Checking it all out!

Even Zac was thrilled!

Possibly a little more than Lilly, in fact!

Finally, bedtime arrived!
I took this and told Lilly "Oh you made a funny face" and she replied that No, in fact, she was winking. Of course she is! Who knew the girl could wink!

So, it took about an hour and a half to get her to stay in bed. I ended up laying down with her until she was almost asleep. By that time she was so tired that it was ok for me to leave without her jumping out of bed. The next nights could be long, but she couldn't live in her crib forever right?
And, this morning when she came "pitter pattering" out and asked if it was ok for her to get up, she seemed so happy and proud and I told her we were SOOOO proud of her! It was fun!
Here she is getting ready for school.
Then, knowing that this whole post was about Lilly, I went to take a picture of Zac as he woke up. However, he WOULD NOT wake up, so I took this one.

Pretty cute, huh? He did eventually wake up and got going.
Big stuff coming up this weekend! Can't wait to blog about it!


Natalie said...

Damn straight big blogging stuff is coming. Sorry to swear on your blog comments, but I'm just so excited.

I have some suggestions about getting her to stay in bed. We'll discuss them AT MY HOUSE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I can't even wink!!!

Just got back yesterday... Haven't forgotten about your button...


Suzanne said...

I'm anxious to hear what Natalie shares about staying in bed, and also to find out where you got Lilly's? I like that it is so close to the floor and a single. I'm not sure I want to start with a full one, even though I'll have the headboard and all.

So cute, and I'm so excited for her!

lady of leisure said...

Lilly's bed looks so awesome! I think I may want one for myself :) Can't wait to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

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