Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Through Thursday...

Ok here's the deal. I'm trying to be more specific with my blog. Like blog about one specific outing or situation.
BUT... sometimes there are just a bunch of pictures I want to post.
SO... I'm gonna do a "Thankful Through Thursday" post weekly... meaning just a bunch of pictures I've liked from the week.
THEN... the rest of the week I can do more specific, focused blog posts, knowing that I can save my "just because" pictures till Thursday. Make sense?

Before we begin, don't worry! It is NOT too late to donate to the American Cancer Society to help me reach my goal before Relay For Life. Click HERE for that blog post! So far I have TWO wonderful donations, and I am 55% of the way to my goal! THANK YOU!!!

Ok, on to this week's "Thankful Through Thursday" post.

Last weekend, we went to the grocery store and got one of these fun carts. Even Zac wanted to sit in it, so I became "touristy" and took pictures. Yep, in the grocery store. Am I the only mom who does that?

I also told my mom that I'm concerned that I don't have enough pictures of Zac sucking his thumb. He is a THUMB SUCKER EXTRAORDINAIRE! So, my mom took one :)
Oh, and yes, he ALWAYS needs to have a blanket (or, in this case, hoodie) to hold with his thumb sucking. Always.
He is also getting SO good at using his own spoon or fork. So cute! Messy, but cute!

This is him pointing at his eye. He is learning about head, eyes, nose, and mouth at school these days.
In fact... this morning as I picked him out of his crib he pointed at MY eye (coming a little too close for comfort, in fact) and said, clear as day, "EYEEEZZZZZ."
He doesn't yet have many words. Some that sound like "mama" (or, frankly, could be "milk") and "dada" and a little bit like "more"... and now EYES!!!
I like this picture because it incorporates it all. Eyes, thumb, blanket... MY BOY!!
Ok onto Lilly!
Here she is being super silly with her pink bucket. I remember when she could fit her whole head in this bucket and it would fall over her eyes. Ahhhh...

One afternoon this week, we didn't have juice but we had oranges, so Jeremy showed Lilly how to make fresh juice. She LOVED it!
And, just being pretty in pink...
These pictures were taken in March 08 and March 09, consecutively. I like how in the 08 picture, Lilly is being bossy (some things never change, huh?) and in the 09 picture, sure enough, Zac is sucking his thumb. Lilly is probably saying something bossy too :)

Alright time to head into work. Thanks for reading!


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Love it! What a great idea!!

Do you need a "Through Thursday" button???

Suzanne said...

These are adorable photos! I think I'll have to do a Flashback Friday or something like that. I love to look at those old ones. Zac's blondie hair is so cute! Better than Lilly got the curly hair, right?

Natalie said...

Great idea! Sometimes I feel like I have so much to blog about and nothing to blog about at the same time. This solves that dilema.

LOVE the flashback pic. We've all said it so many time, but it is amazing how much a baby changes in a year.

lady of leisure said...

I will look especially forward to Thursdays now! I guess I need to be more camera crazy myself - I just looked to see what pics I would have to post should I want to do something similar and discovered I haven't taken any all week!!! What a terrible mom I am!