Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Ragnared like Rock Stars!

You know that feeling, when you've been looking forward to something fo SO long, and then it's gone?

Like, the day after Christmas? Or your birthday?

You had SO much fun, but can't help but be a little disappointed that it is over.

Yeah, that's today.

We Ragnared like Rock Stars!

I'm thrilled to be home, safely. I'm thrilled to be hanging with my kids. But this huge thing that I've been looking forward to (and dreading, at the same time) is over.

It is AMAZING that I have narrowed down the pictures to these. In fact, I'll probably post some more down the road, especially once I get some from other's cameras. But, here is a start.

Here are Kendra, Shyla and I before we left. Well, Kendra and I left and Shyla took her daddy home. We had a LOT of stuff!

We drove to Prescott that night (Thursday) and stayed in a hotel. Friday morning, we decorated our van! There were a total of 12 WONDERFUL people on our team, but we were separated into two vans, so most of my pics are just of the 6 people in my van. Again, more pics from the other van hopefully soon!

Anyhow, Van 1 (not my van) started and ran for 6 or so hours. Then, van 2 (mine) met them at an exchange and it was our turn! I was the first runner from our van!

I got off to a rough start. I think I was nervous and not really sure what to expect, so those first 4.2 miles were the roughest of the weekend for me.

Here are Kendra and I after I handed the "baton" to teammate Scott.

Some miles later, Scott handed off to Kendra. This was a MISERABLE leg for her. This is the ONLY picture of her happy, because it is the ONLY picture of her going downhill.

She basically ran up a mountain.

If I had her leg, I probably would have curled up into a ball and started crying. Seriously. It was BAD.

But, luckily, it was Kendra and not me and she powered through like a champ!

After Kendra was Kristin, who then passed it on to Karen. Both of them did awesome, of course!

Jeremy (not my husband, but Jeremy who is married to Tessa who was in Van 1) finished up our first round. I like this picture because of "Mr. Ninja" behind him! ha!

After Jeremy finished, we had a break while Van 1 did their legs again. Then, it was our turn. Again, I started us off, this time with 8 miles. I started at just about midnight. There are no pictures of the night runs because they woudn't have turned out with the reflective vests and headlamps and all. Or, at least, I don't know how to take pics like that.

It was dark. And I ran on the freeway with my headlamp and flashlight and my van of wonderful teammates pulling over every half mile or so to cheer me on and make sure I was ok.

It was crazy hard and crazy fun at the same time.

Sadly, towards the end of Scott's run we were stopped because of an accident up ahead, and diverted a couple of legs down. We don't really know the details, but it sounds like someone was hit by a car. The good news is that it sounds like the person is in stable condition and will be ok. Thank God. The rest of our van couldn't run their second legs and had to wait to the thirds.

So, we got some rest while Van 1 ran their legs, then we were back at it in the morning.

I like this picture of Kristin because I am 95% sure that that is her husband, Scott's hand who is reaching out to give her 5.

Here is Scott handing off to Jeremy, who will now run the LAST leg of Ragnar! As he finished, we all (all 12 of us) ran through the finish line together!
And, Kendra and me with our medal's waiting to eat a well deserved dinner after finishing!

Just some odds and ends:

-At one point we paid $2 to sleep inside an elementary school for an hour or two while we waited to do our nighttime runs. That was one smelly school by the time Ragnar was over, I'm sure.

-There was SO much laughter from our team, and a few tears. I wanted to cry a few times myself.

-Kendra almost got carsick on the way to our first leg. ha!

I definitely can't wait to get and share some of the whole team shots from the weekend!


Yor Mom said...

Oh how it looks like so much crazy, agonizing, wonderful fun! I lived it vicariously thru you guys and was almost jealous (noticed I said almost!) seriously, you guys are LOONS! Congrats to all 12!

Natalie said...

I am so proud of you. That seems like a fun and hard and amazing experience. Way more effort than I put into my weekend. Looking forward to more pictures too!

Natalie said...

I am SO freaked out that your mom and I commented at EXACTLY the same time. What are the chances?!

Suzanne said...

I've been waiting for this, to hear how things went! Congrats to all of you, and it sure looks like a great, and tiring time!

lady of leisure said...

Congratulations!! Looks like you guys did awesome! I am in awe of you!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You are amazing, Chelsea!!


Mary and Dave said...

We are so very proud of you Chelsea and Kendra! What a great accomplishment.

Erin :) said...

You gals are truly amazing!You are wild women indeed and I can't wait to hear what adventure is next!

Stephanie said...

What a cool experience! You must feel so empowered and awesome.

What's next for you? Are you planning to run in any other races in 2010/2011? :)