Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The aftermath.

This was Lilly at about 3pm after her birthday party! She was OUT!

That evening, she opened a couple of last presents. This was from Grandma and Grandpa Yager! I love her face here...
And even moreso here! She was so excited to get a very pretty dress and a bathtime Dora! THANK YOU grandma and grandpa Yager!

FLASHBACK to last year! My babies were still babies then!
(Will I be saying the same thing next year?)

And, a little further... 2 years ago!

I hope I'm taking enough pictures, and enjoying the little moments enough!

ADDITIONAL: I am so lucky to have great friends. Especially great friends who also love pictures and blogs! My great friend Natalie just completed THIS POST (Mom, actually click here on the words "this post"), which you have to check out! For one thing, Lilly is one of the stars of her post. Another thing, she just does a great blog in general, and it's worth checking out. Go ahead. Do it. I'll wait.....

Pretty great, huh?


Natalie said...

It's like we talked about- while you're living it they seem so big and grown up. Then you look at pictures, even pictures from like 2-3 months ago, and they are your tiny baby. I think you'll think of them as your babies for forever (duh) but they will probably look like babies in your mind until they go to school. So yeah, you'll probably say the same thing next year.

P.S. My blog post about Spencer being in love with Lilly is done.

Suzanne said...

I love this post, and all the flashback photos. Lilly is just adorable. I too, look at Soren and think, "You're such a big boy!" They grow so quickly, physically and mentally!

lady of leisure said...

So glad Lilly had such a great party! Whatever will she do with all these suitors though? :)