Sunday, February 14, 2010

A day in the life...

... of the Yager babies.
Today started out bright and early. Zac woke me up, then woke Lilly up when I turned my back. She wasn't too upset though.

So, we went over to my parents house. Here Lilly is getting ready for her first ride in this contraption...

And they're off!

Now that we've established the fun factor, we can let Zac have a quick ride!

Whoop, now it is time for Zac's 2nd haircut. Thanks John!

Lilly is feeling so much better, but still on breathing treatments. She also is refusing naps during the day. I've decided the last couple days to just insist on quiet time, usually on the couch. Both days her breathing treatment has put her to sleep. Who knew?!?

I'm taking tomorrow off work since daycare is closed, and we have a pretty big day planned... stay tuned! And happy Monday to all the suckers who have to work tomorrow!


Suzanne said...

Have fun on your special girls' day!

Natalie said...

That picture of Lilly is precious and adorable and sad all rolled up into one.

Did the kids like the bike tent? We've been throwing around the idea of 1) getting bikes, 2) getting a bike tent (I don't know what they're really called and 3) becoming avid bikers. Good idea?

P.S. I have work off tomorrow and if I didn't I would be sinking into a huge depression very quickly.

lady of leisure said...

Hey, we've also been thinking about the bike trailer...they seem kinda expensive for not even knowing if Tyler would like it. So now we plan to rent one on vacation next month and see how it goes. Is the Schwinn one good? I read reviews that the kids' harness is hard to work, did you guys find that problem?

Enjoy your day off!!

The Yager Family said...

To answer all questions about the bike tent/trailer thingy... the kids liked it for sure. Lilly more than Zac, but he is always concerned. That's his nature. Also, it was a used one my dad got from a friend. So there was no users manuel or anything. But, my dad is akin to mcguiver... I'm pretty sure there was twine and duct tape involved, but the darn thing stayed attached to the bike, so all was good. :)

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Hope you're having fun today!

I love Lilly's morning hair!

Stephanie said...

That is a fun "contraption." Do they like riding behind the bicycle like that?