Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lilly's 3rd Birthday Party!

I'm watching Lilly play with her new toys while Zac naps. The house is picked up and quiet. There are leftovers in the fridge.
My little girl has had her 3rd birthday party.

Today was a whirlwind! Last night Jer came home after work sick, and he didn't feel much better this morning. I got up early to make Peanut Butter and Jelly Scones, and luckily the kids slept in a bit so I had a good start on them.

Lilly woke up EXCITED! Here she is waiting for her friends to arrive.
The party would start 2 hours later.

We had decided on a 9:30 am party, so we planed a waffle bar and other breakfasty items. Stevie is the king of the waffles!
And, yep, that's the same "Carlos" shirt he was wearing last night.
Why? Because I asked him to wear it again.
Why? Because it makes me chuckle. Thanks Stevie for humoring me!
The food was ready! We had our complete waffle bar along with sausages, PB&J scones and the ladybug cookies! Yum!
Zac was ready to party. And eat.

Lilly, Aubrey, and Soren eating at her little table. It ended up being a nice enough day to eat and play outside.
Cake time! Isn't she beautiful?

She made a wish and blew out the candle!

The squeal she let out when someone said it was time for presents was likely heard around the world!
So many presents! Our family and friends are so generous!
Lilly was generous with hugs, as was Spencer! This little guy loves a good hug!
We played one party game - pin the bracelet on the Dora!
Here is a collage of the contestants!

Turns out, everyone won a prize. Except Natalie, I don't think you got a prize! I owe you one!
Wow. She is three. I have a three year old. BABY Lilly is ... 3.
Thanks again to all who attended or even sent birthday wishes!


Natalie said...

We were blogging at the exact same time about the exact same thing! How amazing is that? OK, it would be more amazing if we weren't at the same party today, but still.....

One correction. That is Soren at the table with Lilly and Aubrey, not Spencer. You were a busy lady today and are probably exhausted so I can see how easily such a mistake could be made. They're both 2 year old boys with "S" names afterall.

It was a great day. You throw a great waffle bar/pseudo dessert for breakfast party.

PS. My prize for playing can be your visiting us this spring. :)

Your Mom said...

You threw a great party CPY! It was so much fun...and I caught the Soren thing too but what a cute blog to make my morning!

The Yager Family said...

Yeah yeah yeah I caught it too but you two are just too fast with your blog checking/commenting for me to edit!

Suzanne said...

This was a GREAT party and so much fun! I love all the great photos you got too. Thanks for making it so fun for all of us. Lilly was great to watch and hear, yes, when it was present time!!!

Your Mom said...

And one more thing: check out Natalie and Spencer's pictures in the Dora contest: is that a mother and son or what???!!!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

9:30 am birthday party?
You. are. brilliant.

I'm doing that this year.

Stephanie said...

A waffle bar! What a good idea!

Happy 3rd birthday to your little girl.