Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes yes I know it is only the 12th.
BUT in my world, Valentines Day is for the kids. And today was "school" Valentines Day. So there.
Here are Lilly's Valentines for her class...

I'm pretty darn clever, huh?


I totally stole that idea.

My friend Becca always has great ideas... and I think even she stole this one.

(Hope I did that link correctly... it's my first one!)

Anyhow, Lilly's Valentines were all ready for her party today. We bought her treats to share with the class. We picked out her outfit (pink heart shirt and purple pants, of course.) We talked about how much fun her party would be. She. Was. Ready.

Guess who got sick last night.

Up, coughing and wheezing... all... night.

THANK YOU to my mom for staying home with her today and taking her to the doctor.

THANK YOU to my dad for also helping take care of my sick little baby, and picking up her perscription (not an easy task when Walgreens sends you on a wild goose chase, either).

By the time I got home from work she was feeling SO much better, and was ready to dive into the Valentines and treats that her class had saved her!

Zac, of course, had NOT been sick so had been to his Valentines Day party. Here he is trying to enjoy his treat from his teacher, Mrs. Mary Ann. She is SO sweet!

Then, we had to play a little. Lilly gave Zac "a boost" to get to the little slide, and even pushed him in his swing!

They also got to teeter totter!

Look at this face! It is heartbreaking when this face is sick or sad.
I am SO happy she is feeling better. Thank goodness for modern medicine.
It has been a LONG week, and I am looking forward to a nice LONG weekend!


Your Mom said...

So glad our little girl is feeling is sooo scary when they get sick so quickly, and so wonderfulwhen they respond to treatment.

Grandma Mary said...

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! We love you!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

So glad she's feeling better!

You rocked the link -Thank you, ma'am. And yes, I totally stole the idea!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tessa Riley said...

Hey! What a cute cute blog!! I didn't realize you blogged!! I'm adding you to my following list immediately! I love the v-day card idea...even if you stole it =) - great execution!! Happy v-day Yager family!

Natalie said...

That is a great card. I might steal that idea for next year. I too am a big fan of modern medicine- we've been on a roller coaster of croup, asthma and postnasal drip. Yuck and yuck and more yuck. Hope Lilly is on the mend. Happy v-day.

Suzanne said...

Happy V-Day Yager Family and thanks for the card and lollipop for Soren. So sorry Lilly was sick, but glad she got better and could enjoy her treats. Next weekend is the BIG one!

Stephanie said...

Such sweet valentines you made!

And I love her little bear valentine box...reminds me of my childhood. :)